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Isaac’s Storm

Isaac’s Storm: A Man, A Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History© 1999 Erik Larson336 pages First news from Galveston just received by train that could get no closer to the bay shore than 6 mi  where the prairie was … Continue reading

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The Mexican Frontier

The Mexican Frontier 1821 – 1846: The American Southwest Under Mexico©  1982 David Weber (University of New Mexico Press)440 pages In 1821, the people of Mexico declared their independence from Spain, recognizing that its Napoleonic straits meant that the mother … Continue reading

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Week of Enchantment: Go West, Young Man!

My journey west began last Saturday, when I rode with family to the Birmingham Airport. There, after saying my farewells and tripping my way through my first TSA checkpoint,  What would flying be like?   Kind of awesome, as it … Continue reading

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Send More Idiots

Send More Idiots© 2014  Tony Perez-Giese324 pages “What do you think of El Paso?” “It’s an armpit.” “I live here, and I don’t even take offense to that.” Jon Lennox’ kid brother just disappeared in Mexico. He didn’t run off  with a … Continue reading

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