What I’ve Read This Year

Books in bold are superior favorites and end year top-ten candidates.  Entries marked CCSB are from my second Classics Club run, The Classics Club Strikes Back.


1. Mama’s Last Hug: Animal Emotions and What They Tell us About Ourselves, Frans de Waal 
2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll (CCSB)
3. Permanent Record, Edward Snowden
4. The Old Man and the Boy, Robert Ruark (CCSB)
5. The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,  Ernest Gaines (CCSB)
6. A Walk Around the Block: Stoplight Secrets, Mischievous Squirrels, Manhole Covers, & Other Stuff You See Every Day (and Know Nothing About),  Spike Carlsen
7Beyond Tenebrae: Christian Humanism in the Twilight of the West, Brad Birzer
8. Star Wars: Kenobi, John Jackson Miller
9. A Time for Mercy, John Grisham
10.  Where I Come From: Stories from the Deep South, Rick Bragg
11.The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop Cafe,   Fannie Flagg
12. Alabama: The Making of an American State, Edwin C. Bridges
13. Some Assembly Required, Neil Shubin
14. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, Fannie Flagg
15. Battle for the Southern Frontier:  The Creek War and the War of 1812,  Mike Bunn & Clay Williams

— February —
16. Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans, Brian Kilmeade
17. The Bird Way: A New Look at How Birds Talk, Work, Play, Parent, and Think, Jennifer Ackerman
18. Why We are Here: Mobile and the Spirit of an American City, E.O. Wilson & Alex Harris
19. The Network: The Battle for the Airwaves and the Birth of the Communications Age, Scott Woolley
20. Forgotten Continent: A New History of the New Latin America, Michael Reid
21. The Lost Classics,  Robert Ruark. ed. Jim Casada
22. The Cultural Revolution: A People’s History,  1962-1976Frank Dikotter
23. Cold Sassy Tree, Olivia Ann Burns (CCSB)
24. The Last Stargazers, Emily Levesque
25. The Hardest Job in the World: the US Presidency,  John Dickerson

– March —
26. Jesus the Son of Man, Kahlil Gibran
27. Camino Winds, John Grisham
28. Ironies of Faith: The Laughter at the Heart of Christian Literature, Anthony Esolen
29. Disasters by Choice: How Our Actions Turn Natural Hazards into Catastrophes, Ilan Kelman
30.  Travels with Foxfire:  Stories of People, Passions, and Practices of Southern Appalachia, Foxfire fund
31. Rogue Code, Mark Russonovich
32. The Big Book of Autocorrect Fails, Tim Dedopoulous
33. WTF Evolution? A Theory of Unintelligble Design, Mara Grunbaum
34. Just in Case: How to be Self-Sufficient when the Unexpected Happens,  Kathy Harrison
35. Women of Genesis: Rebekah, Orson Scott Card
36. The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make us Human, Johnathan Gottschall
37. Conspiracies Declassified: The Skeptoid Guide to the Truth behind the Theories, Brian Dunning
38. Davita’s Harp, Chaim Potok
39. The Fox from his Lair, Max Hennessy
40. How to Live: What the Rule of St. Benedict Teaches Us About Happiness, Meaning, and Community,  Judith Valente
41. The Rebel Killer, Paul Fraser Collard