The Science Survey

The Science Survey has been an annual challenge at Reading Freely since 2017, and is a structured approach to popular science reading designed to maintain broad general-sci knowledge and reduce my tendency to run away from math-y subjects. Check out past science surveys, or take a look at possibilities for this year.

Cosmology and Astrophysics
Origins: 14 Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Donald Goldsmith

Local Astronomy
Chasing New Horizons: Inside the Epic First Mission to Pluto, Alan Stearns and David Grinspoon (1/6/2023)

Geology, Oceanography, and Natural History

Chemistry and Physics


Flora and Fauna
Buzz Sting Bite: Why We Need Insects , Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson

Archaeology and Anthropology

Weather and Climate

Pests: How Humans Create Animal Villains, Bethany Brookshire

Thinking Scientifically

Wildcard: (Science Biography, History of Science, Science and Health, or Science and Society)
Think Like an Ecosystem: An Introduction to Permaculture, Amelia des Plantes
Dinner on Mars: The Technologies that will Feed the Red Planet and Transform Life on Earth, Lenore Newman & Evan Fraser