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Science Survey 2020

 Three years ago I created the ‘science survey’ challenge to make myself read more widely in science,  and I’m pleased to report that not only did I complete the survey halfway into the year, but I was able to go … Continue reading

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Science, before and after

For the first time since I started doing a purposeful science survey, challenging myself to read from twelve different scientific disciplines, I didn’t quite make it last year.   I did, however, draw up a list of next year’s science prospects, … Continue reading

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Science Report Card 2018

The last couple of years I’ve imposed a little order on my science reading, forcing myself to read across fields more deliberately; so far I’ve enjoyed it and will continue the structure in the future. I just finished the last … Continue reading

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Science Report Card

Earlier in the year, in an effort to better organize my science reading, I drew up a list of categories to guide me along.   I kept a Word file on my computer and fill it out as the months progressed, … Continue reading

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