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Favorite Nonfiction, 2010 – 2019

Okay, folks, this one hurt.  It would have been even worse were I aiming for a top ten list!    Interestingly,  history and science don’t fill the list as I expected; instead, books on society are the heavyweights, and many … Continue reading

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Favorite Fiction, 2010 – 2019

I realize the “right” time to do this was in December, when everyone else was doing decade retrospectives,  but it takes a while to pore through ~2000 titles!    These are in rough chronological order.    Horatio Hornblower series, C.S. … Continue reading

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Science education meets anime

A friend of mine told me “You like biology, right? You have to watch Cells at Work on YouTube.  Now, this friend introduced me to StarCraft, so I respect his opinion.  I searched it up yesterday fully expecting a well-done … Continue reading

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Science, before and after

For the first time since I started doing a purposeful science survey, challenging myself to read from twelve different scientific disciplines, I didn’t quite make it last year.   I did, however, draw up a list of next year’s science prospects, … Continue reading

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Forward to 2020

Although I’ve never been much for New Year’s, save for enjoying a day off, I do appreciate the occasion it offers to look back on progress,  and to plan for the future.  As I’ve done the latter, already,  time for … Continue reading

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Tick, tick, tick

It’s October 1,  meaning only three months remain  in 2019 to meet my reading goals.  How am I doing?  Classics Club: I am slightly ahead of  schedule, despite at one point being a month and a half behind.  However,  the … Continue reading

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Health Week 2019

Welcome to Health Week!    I haven’t done anything like this before, but lately I’ve been focusing a lot on personal cross-training, as well as trying intermittent fasting with an eye of breaking through an old plateau,  and so diet and … Continue reading

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