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Health Week 2019

Welcome to Health Week!    I haven’t done anything like this before, but lately I’ve been focusing a lot on personal cross-training, as well as trying intermittent fasting with an eye of breaking through an old plateau,  and so diet and … Continue reading

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Graphic novels from NASA (!)

From Science 2.0: “In 2010, to celebrate 50 years of Exobiology and Astrobiology research at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) they commissioned a graphic history of the people and events that have shaped the science of nascent Exobiology … Continue reading

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Exciting news!

By July 9th,  Reading Freely should be available at the domain I purchased a few months back,     The transition will mark a big change here, as I plan on redirecting site traffic from to the “new” site, which … Continue reading

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Buddhist cyberpunk?

“As a child I’d believed there was an essential person, a sort of core personality around which the surface factors could evolve and change without damaging the integrity of who you were. Later, I started to see that this was … Continue reading

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John Grisham: Favorites and Unfavorites

John Grisham was the first novelist whose entire bibliography I ever finished, though these days I must limit that to “adult” biblography, given his kid lawyer series.     Given that there are so many, I thought it would  be fun … Continue reading

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So it goes

This weekend has seen me reach the end of Red Dead Redemption II. I have never been as moved by the ending of a game, or by a videogame protagonist. The sheer depth of this game — so much so … Continue reading

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This has been a dismally slow Read of England, between a history book more dense than I’d expected, and the fact that I have been utterly absorbed in the world of Red Dead Redemption since mid-March, and when I say … Continue reading

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