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Channeling my inner Veruca Salt

“Gooses! Geeses!”

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I’m going to do it again

Welcome to the world, baby boy, I’ll paint you red and white and blue The indoctrination starts as soon as you come out the womb Pretty quick we’ll make you stupid with curriculums at school And if the classroom doesn’t … Continue reading

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April 2022 in Review

April on ReadingFreely is always marked by Read of England, my annual focus on English literature and history. This year it was half history and half historical fiction. Climbing Mount Doom:Dr. Johnson’s London, Liza PicardDangerous Passions, Deadly Sins: Learning from … Continue reading

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Your one wild and precious life

It’s been raining buckets this weekend, but after lunch the sun came out, and I threw on my gym shorts and beaten tennis shoes and hit the road. Water covered lawns, filled ditches, flooded the street — but the bright … Continue reading

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Bringing the dead to life

Just a cool thing I saw earlier today. The modern stills have some AI-induced movement, so viewers can see Henry VIII’s jowls tremor as he eyes yet another woman he can marry after beheading or killing her predecessor.

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March 2022 in review

March started strong and abruptly crashed, as I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump the last week — dragging through two e-books, making steady progress on Cancer Ward, and distracting myself by working in the garden or enjoying … Continue reading

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Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR

I missed last’s week TT theme on spring tbrs, so instead of following the prompt for today (titles with adjectives), I’m going to be sharing some upcoming books!  Cancer Ward, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. An entry for my Classics Club Strikes Back … Continue reading

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Man against the mob

“The problem with going along [with the mob] is that it demoralizes you. It makes you a smaller person, inside. You’ll know you shouldn’t have done that, you’ll think badly of yourself for having done it, you’ll feel cowardly, and … Continue reading

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February 2022 in Review

I read a lot of books in February. Few of them applied to my challenges, though. The good news is that I continue to make progress on my great and worthy opponent, Mount TBR. Climbing Mount Doom (Base goal: read … Continue reading

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January 2022 Review

At 17 titles read, January has the year off to a running start, and there’s more in-bound, with some fun titles in the works — on fighting, creating better streets and places, and radical libertarian women. Science and the TBR … Continue reading

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