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Read of England, 2021!

Bang upon the big drum, crash upon the cymbals — it’s April 1st, and time to Read of England. This is an annual tradition at ReadingFreely in which I devote the month’s reading to English literature and English history. I’ve … Continue reading

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2021: March Review

Challenge Progress: Science Survey: The Storytelling Animal, Johnathan Gottschall (Anthropology & Archaeology)Conspiracies Declassified, Brian Dunning. (Thinking Scientifically) That’s now 5/12 categories filled. Classics Club Strikes Back: Davita’s Harp, Chaim Potok. We are now 5/50. Climbing Mount Doom: Jesus, Son of … Continue reading

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Ten Winningest Titles

Five years ago I created a list called “Titles that Win”, not for Top Ten Tuesday but because I was inspired by How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had it Coming. Today’s TT on our favorite ‘titles’ offers a … Continue reading

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After action report: Central Alabama Twisters 3/17/2021

Yesterday at eleven o’clock I was sitting in a sunny courtyard, enjoying coffee with friends. An hour later I was in the library’s tornado-shelter room, trying to keep people from wandering out into the open hallway to look at the … Continue reading

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News and views: The New Theocrats

“When I was a boy in school, we were often encouraged to read banned books. Back then, to censor anyone was about the least hip thing you could do, the province of the glowering churchman and the cordless phone-wielding parent, … Continue reading

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2021: February Review

Annnnnd that’s a wrap for February. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but spring is definitely on the way here: after several weeks of bitter cold, we’re suddenly enjoying balmy 80 degree days – 26 degree days, … Continue reading

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The end approaches

Earlier last year David Mack, one of Treklit’s leading authors, suggested that To Lose the Earth was the last planned book in the Treklit continuity, as future releases would be centered on the current shows. It appears that a finale … Continue reading

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Top Ten Books That Made Me Laugh

This week Top Ten Tuesday is looking at funny books, so I’m listing my ten favorite P.G. Wodehouse novels. Okay, I won’t go that far, but.. The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, Max Shulman. I was given this collection of … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s News: Carnegie & Brexit circa 1902

Inspired by The Network, I’ve been perusing my local paper’s older archives and looking for mentions of Signor Marconi. I thought it might be interesting to see how his invention was received at the time. I was amused to find … Continue reading

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Top Ten PC Games I Love

Today’s top ten is a “love” freebie, so I’m going to leave the reservation entirely and do…favorite PC games.  PC gaming  is my most timesinky hobby beyond reading,  its chief competitor and hindrance. Sim-me in his ‘apartment’.   20 years later … Continue reading

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