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Progress report of sorts

A few weeks back, I read an article from Leo Babauta, of Zen Habits,  which  offered readers both an observation and a challenge: You can go to the latest memes and viral videos (which are fun!) … or you can … Continue reading

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Corona Diary #8

Well, the partial re-opening lasted exactly a month. In the face of skyrocketing ‘rona rates across the state, and particularly in the county,  the library today shifted back to curbside-only.   (Since May 18th, we have been following a split schedule:  … Continue reading

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Corona #7…and Flowers

Things have been loosening up in Alabama in the last week,  though it’s not a return to life pre-pandemicmonium.  Right now we’re in a frustrating transition space, where stores are  getting increased demand at much-reduced capacity.   Nonprofits and the like … Continue reading

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Farewell and adieu, ye fair English book-reads

So ends another April, and with it — Read of England.   Perhaps this April should have been watch of England, since I did re-watch Fawlty Towers (for the 856th time, I think), began exploring Sherlock and Outlander, revisited most of … Continue reading

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COVID Diary #6

As the expiration date for the governor’s stay-at-home order approaches, we in the Heart of Dixie have been waiting expectantly to see what will happen. The governor declined to open early last week, when the states surrounding us did, and … Continue reading

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Corona Diary #5

Library service, corona style! Sunday, all news of pandemics disappeared as we in Alabama looked to the darkening skies and wondered what Easter night would bring.  It was nine years ago that an April outburst of tornadoes killed over three … Continue reading

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Corona Diary #4

Although we in the United States are still steaming into the darkest part of this tunnel,  I’m bouyed by little flickers of hope abroad.  In Iran, for instance,  over half  of active corona cases are listed as recovered. The same … Continue reading

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Read of England 2020

Oyez! Oyez! It being the first of April, I declare Read of England 2020 to be officially begun!    I was concerned that the ongoing pandemic would disrupt my planning, but between stuff I bought well in advance, ebooks, and the … Continue reading

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Corona Diaries #2

So begins week two of ….well, whatever this is, this strange moment in time we’re all experiencing together.    The library’s curbside service has been well received by the community, promoted by the paper and those of us on facebook, and … Continue reading

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Corona Diaries #1

March 17, 2020  Earlier today in conversation with a priestly friend, she mentioned that she and some of her  fellow clergy were keeping “Corona Diaries” to document their respective organization’s practices in the wake of the current pandemic, to monitor … Continue reading

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