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Natchez Burning

Natchez Burning© 2015 Greg Iles816 pages When the choice is your father or the truth,  who could choose the truth?  Penn Cage has always idolized his father Tom.  A dedicated physician from the 1950s-on,  the senior Cage developed a reputation as a devoted and impartial … Continue reading

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The Enterprise War

The Enterprise War© 2019 John Jackson Miller366 pages “Giving up our values in the name of security is to lose the battle in advance. I’m curious. Did you sideline the Enterprise because you knew I’d never stop reminding you of … Continue reading

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We submariners two

A few months ago I encountered the Danny Jabo submarine series, written by a nuclear subs veteran. As I’m still in recovery from surgery this week, I’ve been finishing the series! First up, Zulu Five Oscar. Zulu opens with a … Continue reading

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Books books books

Between the nonfunctional hospital wifi and the only decent television programs being overtaken by baseball, most of my entertainment last week was good ol’ fashioned books. Midnight at Chernobyl popped onto my radar after I watched the excellent HBO series … Continue reading

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View from Room 327

Annnnnnnnnnnd I’m out! Free! Very much walking wounded, very much in possession of a radically altered life — but I’m out, out in the air and under the sun, free to walk without a beeping, hissing IV bag following me, … Continue reading

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Hi, all. I am still in the hospital, typing on a phone and limited to an LTE connection. I have acute and chronic kidney failure, and when I was rushed in on Monday, was a seizure risk. I’m on an … Continue reading

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in hospital

I am in a hospital for renal issues unexpectedly. Will be a few days. Finished Chernobyl…very good. Working on Good reasons for bad feelings. Promising. Need to buy laptop, not a phone typer. 😉

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STish: The Dark Veil

Star Trek Picard: The Dark Veil© 2021 James Swallow336 pages When the USS Titan arrives at the Jazari homeworld to return one of their last serving members in Starfleet, they find something of a surprise waiting for them. The planet … Continue reading

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Mephisto© 1936 Klaus Mann272 pages I was fortunate, in my time at the University, to have a class with my favorite professor every semester that I was there; he had an enormous command of late 19th century and early 20th … Continue reading

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