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The Speckled Beauty

The Speckled Beauty: A Dog and his People© 2021 Rick Bragg256 pages There’s no bond like that between a boy and his dog – except, maybe, that of an old man and his dog.   Rick Bragg never meant to adopt “Speck”, the mangy and … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Ride

Revolutionary Ride: On the Road to find the Real Iran© 2017 Lois Pryce304 pages It was a note from a stranger that took her to Iran, a request from a Habib of Shiraz that she one day visit his home … Continue reading

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More evil than I thought

I’ve personally never been able to retain bookmarks, even the fancy ones friends have sent me from faraway places like South Korea.

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Project Hail Mary | #agora

Ryland Grace just woke up strapped to a medical bed with two dead roommates. That’s not the least of his problem, though: he’s in space, and he doesn’t know why. Eventually, he’ll figure that out; his memory will return. But … Continue reading

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Of blowholes, blowhards, and blowing money

I’ve been studying for the CompTia A+ certification and entertaining a new lady friend in recent weeks, so my reading and reviewing has gotten a bit…torpid, shall we say. I haven’t been totally absorbed in specs and dates, though: Make … Continue reading

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Where I Come From

Where I Come From: Stories from the Deep South© 2020 Rick Bragg256 pages What a joy Rick Bragg is to read! A native son of Alabama, Rick Bragg is a journalist-turned-folklorist in the tradition of Kathryn Tucker Windham, who here … Continue reading

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Reads to Reels: Er Ist Wieder Da

So there I was, innocently looking to see if Netflix carried  older WW2 films like 36 Hours,   when I spotted Hitler. “Look who’s back?” I said. “Oh dear.”  I’d previously watched The Death of Stalin (Jason Isaacs is a … Continue reading

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Er Ist Wieder Da

Er Ist Wieder Da  |  Look Who’s Back! © 2011 Timur Vermes 401 pages “Herr Hitler … I’m calling to ask whether you’d like to write a book?” “I already have,” I said. “Two, in fact.” Hitler’s back, and boy … Continue reading

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Tully WAS known as the Roman king of coke

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It’s not a problem, it’s…a…passion….?

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