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Back to Lost Heaven

Eighteen years ago (!!!!!) I fell in love with a game: Mafia, by Gathering of Developers. A third-person shooter set in 1930s America, telling the story of a young cab driver who is drawn into a crime family. The setting, … Continue reading

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COVID has infected my gaming

Between the corona chill and the sweltering heat outside, I haven’t been doing much out-and-abouting with friends  —  I had a close circle who I was seeing every weekend, but  now it’s more of a every two-weeks kind of thing … Continue reading

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The Science of Breaking Bad

The Science of Breaking Bad © 2019 David Trumbore,  Donna J. Nelson 264 pages Yeah, Mister White! Yeah, SCIENCE!  Breaking Bad remains the best-scripted, -filmed, and –acted show I’ve ever watched, and no matter how many times I watch a … Continue reading

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Quarantine Gaming

I’ve been gaming a bit more in the last month or so as a result of La Corona, so I thought I’d share a few screenshots…..because I can. I was told to cook. No one told me when to stop. … Continue reading

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His Way

His Way: The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra © 1986 Kitty Kelley 576 pages His Way is a gossipy biography of Frank Sinatra,  one full of drama and interest, but more tabloid-like than serious.    Most biographies of Sinatra follow the same course:  … Continue reading

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Agatha Christie and Tony Soprano

Over the weekend I finished two titles that don’t bear elaborate reviews. First up was Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party,  a murder mystery set during this spooky-fun season.  Not everyone is having fun, though, especially not little Joyce, who – – … Continue reading

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Prepare to Meet Thy Doom

Prepare to  Meet Thy Doom: And Other True Gaming Stories © 2015 David Kushner  ~ 5 hours, read by Wil Wheaton Masters of Doom enthralled me, covering the genesis of modern  PC gaming through its history of id software.   Prepare … Continue reading

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The Perfect Thing

The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture, and Coolnesspub. 2006 Steven Levy304 pages I’ve never had an iPod, but given that Audible was doing a sale this week and that I seemed to be doing an Apple-related set, … Continue reading

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Digital Filmmaking for Kids

Digital Filmmaking for Kids© 2015 Nick Willoughby304 pages I am not, readers may spot, a kid.  However, when I WAS a kid, I was one given to wandering around the woods with a massive camcorder in my shoulders, attempting to … Continue reading

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Centauri Dawn

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri: Centauri Dawn© 2000 Michael Ely292 pages Earth was a sad memory for the crew and colonists of the good ship Unity, who fled its radioactive remains in hopes of building a new society near a not-too … Continue reading

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