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Hail, Columbia!

In reading Bringing Columbia Home, the author referred to several videos — a surviving bit of cockpit footage, eleven minutes prior to the disaster, as well as a tribute video created during the recovery period. “There’s heavy grief in our … Continue reading

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Bringing the dead to life

Just a cool thing I saw earlier today. The modern stills have some AI-induced movement, so viewers can see Henry VIII’s jowls tremor as he eyes yet another woman he can marry after beheading or killing her predecessor.

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Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism¬© 2020 Sharyl Attkisson316 pages I stopped watching television news in 2009, a decision made for me by the overnight obsolescence of my TV set when the industry … Continue reading

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D-Day: Remembering Those who Perished for Us

“This is New York, NBC newsroom again. Men and women of the United States, this is a momentous hour in world history: this is the invasion of Hitler’s Europe, the zero hour of the Second Front. The men of General … Continue reading

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Then and now

“Know where this is?” someone asked, and showed me their phone. I had to stare in fasciantion. I knew that “AMERICAN” sign, all right. I’d driven by it enough times on my way to high school on those long morning … Continue reading

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The first and probably last time I ever share a rap video: “Fake Woke”

[Verse 1]I think it’s crazy I’m the one who they labeled as controversialAnd Cardi B is the role model for 12-year-old girlsThere’s rappers pushing Xanax at the top of the BillboardBut if I mention race in a song, I’m scared … Continue reading

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Off-topic: RDR2 shots with snow

During the Christmas season, the world of RDR2 online got a wintry makeover — somehow making an already pretty game even more dazzling.

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Ten Songs (or Artists) that Made My Year

This started as a “Things I’m grateful for at the end of a crappy year”-esqe post, but then inspired by Marian I decided to make it all-music. It was meant to be an end-year 2020 or January 1st post, but … Continue reading

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Titanic 2020’s last hours: all kinds of yakking, including 2021 plans

Here we are in that sweet, weird spot between Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve. The end is near for 2020, not that the Cursed Year will stop giving. I’m sure corona will follow us into 2021, though — knock … Continue reading

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O, holy night —

I dare you to watch this and not weep.

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