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Published after the success of Humans of New York, here Brandon Stanton expand his range and deepens his connectivity with the people whose lives he shares in a single photo. In Humans of New York, readers were presented with an … Continue reading

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Humans of New York

Humans of New York© 2013 Brandon Stanton304 pages If you ever needed proof that a picture is worth a thousand words, consider one shot near the end of this volume. The scene is a New York city street. A young … Continue reading

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Double play: Mobile & Latin America

This past week has seen a little progress on the ol’ TBR front, as I knocked out three books from the list, including The Network and those below. First up was E.O. Wilson’s Why We Are Here: Mobile and the … Continue reading

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The USS Alabama

Images of America: USS Alabama © 2013 Kent Whitaker & Battleship Memorial Park 128 pages When visiting downtown Mobile, one can’t help but notice the enormous battleship parked in the bay.  It’s the USS Alabama, tenth to bear the name, … Continue reading

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Images of CS Lewis’ World

CS Lewis: Images of his World © 1973  Douglas R Gilbert, Clyde S Kilby 144 pages Last year I was tasked with the lamentable duty of weeding our history, literature, and science sections, and so in consequence spent several weeks methodically … Continue reading

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The Deep: Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss

The Deep: the Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss 253 pages © 2007 Claire Nouvian I’ve been enjoying a gallery book devoted to the extraordinary creatures of the deep sea these past two weeks.  Edited by Claire Nouvian, The Deep collects … Continue reading

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Images of America: Selma

Images of America: Selma © 2014 Sharon Jackson 168 pages When I heard that the Images of America series had commissioned a book on Selma, I stood midway between excitement and dread. The series offers a pictoral recounting of small-town America, … Continue reading

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Montevallo: Images of America

Montevallo: Images of America © 2011 Clark Hultquist and Carey Heatherly 128 pages A few years ago, I became a student and resident of the University of Montevallo. I fell madly in love with the town and its university and regard them … Continue reading

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