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The Other Side of the Bridge

The Other Side of the Bridge© 2022 Timothy E. Paul124 pages This is one of the stranger books I imagine I’ll read this year. Its title, setting, and opening disclaimer make the reader suspect that it’s a story set in … Continue reading

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The Harmony Club as I knew it

“The Harmony Club is a labor of love that will probably be in progress until the day I die. There is always a project that I’m working on, but best part is that I call the place home.” – David … Continue reading

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RIP David

A friend of mine died this morning. He’d lived in Selma for twenty years and devoted that time to not only restoring the Harmony Club– a Jewish social club from the turn of the last century that had been dormant … Continue reading

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Random, because trolleys

Today I spotted a tourist bus from Montgomery parked outside the library in such a way that I was reminded of a postcard from over a century ago.

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Titanic 2020’s last hours: all kinds of yakking, including 2021 plans

Here we are in that sweet, weird spot between Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve. The end is near for 2020, not that the Cursed Year will stop giving. I’m sure corona will follow us into 2021, though — knock … Continue reading

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Love, sand cranes, and civil rights

This has….not been a good week for utilities in my neck of the woods. Because of heavy rains, flooding, and thunderstormy-drama,  I’ve been without phone and DSL service since Tuesday, and the library has had to close for one day … Continue reading

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Of Caesar, Aeneas, and Selma

This past week I’ve been dogsitting in the country, and if you’ve never enjoyed a rural sunset with a glass of wine and Chloe Feoranzo playing in the background, it’s an experience I can recommend. While I was away, February … Continue reading

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Yesterday: Memories of Selma

Yesterday: Memories of Selma and her People© 1940 C.C. Grayson 155 pages   (For want of a book cover, I’m including a photograph of Selma’s main street in the early 20th century, after 1891 but before 1926.) In the 1940s, … Continue reading

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Odd Egg Editor

Odd-Egg Editor © 1990 Kathryn Tucker Windham 170 pages Anyone who grew up in Selma, Alabama, prior to 2011 had heard of Kathryn Tucker Windham, and odds were they cherished her.  A master storyteller, she inspired an annual Tale-Tellin’ Festival … Continue reading

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Testing, testing

Last week I purchased a new phone, one of those modern miracles that can order a custom sandwich, rent a car, check a flight, and read me a book while also allowing Google and the NSA to keep tabs on … Continue reading

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