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The Enterprise War

The Enterprise War© 2019 John Jackson Miller366 pages “Giving up our values in the name of security is to lose the battle in advance. I’m curious. Did you sideline the Enterprise because you knew I’d never stop reminding you of … Continue reading

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STish: The Dark Veil

Star Trek Picard: The Dark Veil© 2021 James Swallow336 pages When the USS Titan arrives at the Jazari homeworld to return one of their last serving members in Starfleet, they find something of a surprise waiting for them. The planet … Continue reading

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It’s not so lonely out in space: three to celebrate Apollo 11

Fifty-two years ago, men from Earth touched down on the moon and inaugurated a new era in human exploration. I usually re-watch From the Earth to the Moon (a Tom Hanks docu-drama that is in my “Everything is burning but … Continue reading

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Captain’s Oath

Captain’s Oath © 2019 Christopher L Bennett323 pages Captain Jim Kirk has just taken command of the USS Enterprise, and already he has a tricky situation on his hands. It should be simple: pick up a team of archaeologists who … Continue reading

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Headlong Flight

Star Trek TNG: Headlong Flight© 2017 Dayton Ward251 pages A mysterious nebula and a rogue planet bring together three ships across the gulf of time and space. In our universe, the Enterprise-E can’t resist data that indicates there are lifeforms … Continue reading

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ST: The Long Mirage

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Long Mirage© 2017 David R George III300 pages Bajor is a planet in crisis, as a sect which argues that that Prophets are not gods is growing in prominence, commingling with the revelation that … Continue reading

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COVID Reviews #5: Star Trekkin’ Across the Universe

This week I’ve been finishing the Vanguard series, set in the Original Series timeline and unfolding concurrently with the first three seasons of Star Trek. The first novel opened with the Enterprise enroute to its “Where No Man Has Gone … Continue reading

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Wisdom Wednesday: The gift of now

This WW is taken from a Star Trek novel, Storming Heaven by David Mack “Be glad for all the places you get to be, and everyone you meet along the way. It’s human nature to focus on beginnings or endings, … Continue reading

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What Judgments Come

Star Trek Vanguard: What Judgments Come© 2011 Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore354 pages For three years, Vanguard Station’s mission of facilitating the exploration and colonization of the Taurus Reach has been sidetracked by its covert attempts to come to grips … Continue reading

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Star Trek TNG: Takedown © 2015 John Jackson Miller 369 pages “Captain, permission to speak freely? You’re a good egg.” “…I’m not sure how to respond to that.” I spotted this title at a surplus-goods store a few years back, … Continue reading

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