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COVID Reviews #5: Star Trekkin’ Across the Universe

This week I’ve been finishing the Vanguard series, set in the Original Series timeline and unfolding concurrently with the first three seasons of Star Trek. The first novel opened with the Enterprise enroute to its “Where No Man Has Gone … Continue reading

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Wisdom Wednesday: The gift of now

This WW is taken from a Star Trek novel, Storming Heaven by David Mack “Be glad for all the places you get to be, and everyone you meet along the way. It’s human nature to focus on beginnings or endings, … Continue reading

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What Judgments Come

Star Trek Vanguard: What Judgments Come© 2011 Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore354 pages For three years, Vanguard Station’s mission of facilitating the exploration and colonization of the Taurus Reach has been sidetracked by its covert attempts to come to grips … Continue reading

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Star Trek TNG: Takedown © 2015 John Jackson Miller 369 pages “Captain, permission to speak freely? You’re a good egg.” “…I’m not sure how to respond to that.” I spotted this title at a surplus-goods store a few years back, … Continue reading

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Uncertain Logic

Star Trek Enterprise, Rise of the Federation:   Uncertain Logic © 2015  Christopher L. Bennett 401 pages Okay, reader. Have a seat. This book is a bit busy.   Let’s begin with the Starship Endeavour‘s investigation of several automated stations that rely … Continue reading

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Picard: Last Best Hope

ST Picard: Last Best Hope © 2020 Una McCormack 335 pages I bought this on the strength of Una McCormack, nothing else. She’s contributed ably to the Treklit universe, delivering several superb novels. Even with her talents, however, there is … Continue reading

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Seven of Nine

Star Trek Voyager: Seven of Nine © 1998 Christie Golden 233 pages Sing a song of sixpence, A pocket full of rye Four and twenty blackbirds, Baked into a pie It began with a bird. A single black bird — … Continue reading

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Drastic Measures

Star Trek Discovery: Drastic Measures © 2018 Dayton Ward 400 pages     The deliberate murder of four thousand people, half the colony’s population, began with an act of mercy.   Refugees were given a new home in the sparsely settled … Continue reading

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Corona Diary #4

Although we in the United States are still steaming into the darkest part of this tunnel,  I’m bouyed by little flickers of hope abroad.  In Iran, for instance,  over half  of active corona cases are listed as recovered. The same … Continue reading

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The Sky’s the Limit

Star Trek TNG:  The Sky’s the Limit © 2007 various 400 pages The original Star Trek struggled in ratings, especially after being shifted to a late-evening slot of doom in its third season, and was canceled prematurely in 1969.    It … Continue reading

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