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The Devil’s Company

The Devil’s Company© 2007 David Liss371 pages Benjamin Weaver is in trouble. An ex-boxer who now works as a private detective of sorts in 18th century London, he’s made a name for himself as a man who can get things … Continue reading

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Natchez Burning

Natchez Burning© 2015 Greg Iles816 pages When the choice is your father or the truth,  who could choose the truth?  Penn Cage has always idolized his father Tom.  A dedicated physician from the 1950s-on,  the senior Cage developed a reputation as a devoted and impartial … Continue reading

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Attack Surface

Attack Surface© 2020 Cory Doctorow385 pages When the Bay Bridge blew up, Masha wanted to catch the guys that did it. That desire for justice and revenge brought her to employment with the Department of Homeland Security, and still later … Continue reading

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There Is No Cloud

There Is No Cloud© 2021 Kat Wheeler189 pages Okay, Google,  I’d like to set up a Routine. When I am murdered alone in my office, please call the police, unlock the door, and turn off the coffee pot.   Matt Rodriguez … Continue reading

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Broadcast© 2017 Liam Brown288 pages Most people, if approached by a corporation and asked for permission to plant a microchip in their brainstem, would say “Nope” and back away from the crazy man. But David Callow isn’t most people: he’s … Continue reading

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Ghost Sub

Ghost Sub© 2013 Todd Tucker166 pages Ghost Sub opens with a scene reminiscent of “There Will Come Soft Rains”: an automated environment, eerily chugging along through its pre-programmed routines, an imitation of life in the midst of death. The USS … Continue reading

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Collapse Depth

© 2012 Todd Tucker264 pages The USS Alabama, like the rest of the Trident submarine force, exists for one reason only:   strategic deterrence.   Onboard her are enough nuclear missiles to destroy a dozen or more prominent cities, for use in … Continue reading

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A Time for Mercy

A Time for Mercy© 2020 John Grisham480 pages A woman lies beaten and unconscious in the kitchen; her children quiver in fear in a back room while the man they’re terrorized by lies in a drunken stupor in his bedroom. … Continue reading

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The End of October

The End of October © 2020 Lawrence Wright 482 pages COVID-19 gotcha down? Cheer up! It could be worse. A lot worse. Like…the US president dying on live television, bleeding from the eyes worse.   The End of October was published … Continue reading

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Second Sleep

Second Sleep © 2019 Robert Harris 302 pages Sometimes, readers, it pays not to read anything about a book before you start it. Take Second Sleep, for instance, which I picked up purely on the strength of its author (Robert … Continue reading

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