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Two for forensics

Readers of Sherlock Holmes may remember that fictional character had such a command of diverse sciences and skills that his assistant Watson was impelled to innumerate them. American Sherlock introduces readers to the life of Edward Oscar Heinrich, a real-life … Continue reading

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Men in Blue

Men in Blue (Badge of Honor #1) © 1988 W.E.B. Griffin 356 pages A buxom young reporter meets a fetching police captain at an out of the way diner, hoping for an illicit rendezvous. A half hour into their liaison,  … Continue reading

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American Detective

American Detective: Behind the Scenes of Famous Criminal Investigations© 2018  Thomas Reppetto312 pages I’ve been playing through L.A. Noire lately, and its use of real-life crime (the Black Dahlia case)  prompted me to look for anything written about it. American … Continue reading

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Metropolis© 2019 Phillp Kerr384 pages At the height of Weimar decadence, young Bernie Gunther is invited to join the Murder Commission. It’s a step up from Vice, and the department needs every watchful eye and quick wit it can get:  … Continue reading

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Head On

Head On: A Novel of the Near Future© 2018 John Scalzi 328 pages Agent Chris Shane of the FBI saw the man decapitated on the playing field. before his very eyes.  But so did thousands of other people; decapitations  were, in … Continue reading

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9 Dragons

9 Dragons© 2009 Michael Connelly544 pages Harry Bosch doesn’t know who they are.  He doesn’t know what they want.  If they’re looking for ransom,  he doesn’t have money, but he does have is a very particular set of skills, acquired … Continue reading

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The Black Ice

The Black Ice© 1993 Michael Connelly336 pages A body discovered in a sleazy motel on Christmas Eve connects a handful of otherwise dead cases, and sets Detective Harry Bosch against his own department, culminating in the pursuit of a half-chance … Continue reading

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The Pawnbroker

The Pawnbroker© 2014 David Thurlo, Aimée Thurlo304 pages Charlie and Gordo are two Afghan War vets returning to civilian life, but as it turns out, parts of Albuquerque aren’t that much safer than Kabul. When their friend and attorney is gravely … Continue reading

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Rising Sun

Rising Sun385 pages© 1992 Michael Crichton In downtown Los Angeles, in a gleaming tower of Japanese commercial success, a woman lies dead on a boardroom table.  The  grand opening of the Nakamoto Corporation’s downtown skyscraper attracted celebrities and politicians alike, … Continue reading

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The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes256 pages© 1894 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Has it been five years since I read a Holmes collection? I remember picking up Memoirs shortly after reading The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, not nothing that Memoirs was published well … Continue reading

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