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Wisdom Wednesday: Thoughts on love and pain

These are two quotes from two rather different authors “To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must … Continue reading

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Diabolical fragments: selections from Screwtape

I recently re-read The Screwtape Letters for Advent, and would have posted a review but realized I rather liked the draft review I’d written in 2013 more, so now I’m trying to graft the best of one onto the other, … Continue reading

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Wisdom Wednesday: Live despite Death

Recently a friend was kind enough to bring this article to my attention. It’s from C.S. Lewis, written in 1948 to address the growing fears of his contemporaries, who were shaken by the spectre of Hiroshima and unnerved by the … Continue reading

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Wisdom Wednesday: Now will never come again

This past month some friends and I have been sharing, anonymously, thoughts on the pandemic and its influence on our growth as people — reflecting on how it’s changed us, how we’ve risen to the challenge (or not). I ended … Continue reading

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Selections from “A Grief Observed”

A Grief Observed was not written as a book, but was published as such from four reflective notebooks that Lewis kept while reeling from the death of his wife, Joy. The collection is raw, intimate, and personal; we find Lewis … Continue reading

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Wisdom Wednesday: Try

Scene: A visionary academic, Hari Seldon, has attracted the attention and wrath of the Emperor, and is fleeing for his life with the assistance of “Chester Hummin”, a journalist. The two men take refuge in a dismal diner and Hummin … Continue reading

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How to win friends and influence terrorists to chill out

Gary Noesner served as an FBI hostage negotiator for decades, helping defuse many high profile incidents. Below are some of his toughts on communication and persuasian, taken from his memoir Stalling for Time. SELECTIONS Among negotiators, this process of trust … Continue reading

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Wisdom Wednesday: Know thyself

Today’s quotes are drawn from Suspicious Minds: Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories, by Rob Brotherton. I’m especially happy to have to finished it, because now I can get Elvis out of my head. It was a stellar book, an end-year … Continue reading

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Wisdom Wednesday: The gift of now

This WW is taken from a Star Trek novel, Storming Heaven by David Mack “Be glad for all the places you get to be, and everyone you meet along the way. It’s human nature to focus on beginnings or endings, … Continue reading

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Selections from “Becoming Wild”

“Until now, culture has remained a largely hidden, unappreciated layer of wild lives. Yet for many species, culture is both crucial and fragile. Long before a population declines to numbers low enough to seem threatened with extinction, their special cultural … Continue reading

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