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The way of men – pagan and Christian

Late last year I re-read Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men, written for identifying what it means to be a man, and what men need and want. Donovan argues that men are largely driven by the need for the respect … Continue reading

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Hiking grandmas, irreligious hombres, and unjacking from the Matrix

As an avid hiker I couldn’t help but be hooked by the story of Emma Gatewood, who in 1955 became the first woman to through-hike the Appalachian Trail. She did so with a minimum of preparation, without much of the … Continue reading

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The Sword and the Serpent

Sword and Serpent ¬© 2014 Taylor R. Marshall411 pages A phoenix from the fire will riseUnchain her and free the worldIn Britannia will rise the eagle whose sign is the CrossIn Britannia will rise the chief dragon whose sign is … Continue reading

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2021: March Review

Challenge Progress: Science Survey: The Storytelling Animal, Johnathan Gottschall (Anthropology & Archaeology)Conspiracies Declassified, Brian Dunning. (Thinking Scientifically) That’s now 5/12 categories filled. Classics Club Strikes Back: Davita’s Harp, Chaim Potok. We are now 5/50. Climbing Mount Doom: Jesus, Son of … Continue reading

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Beyond Tenebrae

Beyond Tenebrae: Christian Humanism in the Twilight of the West¬© 2019 Brad Birzer258 pages Most people, including myself until a few years ago, would describe humanism as a worldview championing the possibility of, and the need for, humans living moral, … Continue reading

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Selections from Jesus, Son of Man

Earlier I posted comments for Kahlil Gibran’s moving Jesus, Son of Man, and now share some quotations from it. Then He looked at me, and the noontide of His eyes was upon me, and He said, “You have many lovers, … Continue reading

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The Screwtape Letters

In the 1940s, as war waged in Europe, another war raged in England:  a struggle for one man’s soul. Advised by his uncle Screwtape, a young demon faced with a new convert to Christianity must work overtime to stifle his … Continue reading

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Diabolical fragments: selections from Screwtape

I recently re-read The Screwtape Letters for Advent, and would have posted a review but realized I rather liked the draft review I’d written in 2013 more, so now I’m trying to graft the best of one onto the other, … Continue reading

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Selections from “A Grief Observed”

A Grief Observed was not written as a book, but was published as such from four reflective notebooks that Lewis kept while reeling from the death of his wife, Joy. The collection is raw, intimate, and personal; we find Lewis … Continue reading

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Selections from “How Dante Can Save Your Life”

Review of Book Great art speaks with wisdom and authority to what is eternal in the human condition. The presence of God radiated from the Chartres cathedral so powerfully that it even pierced the dark wood into which I had … Continue reading

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