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Wisdom Wednesday: The Great Tradition

This week features a quote from Will Durant, whose epic Story of Civilization, partially co-written with his wife, was a masterful review of western history — surveying literature, politics, philosophy, etc — from Mesopotamia to Napoleon. This particular quote comes … Continue reading

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Wisdom Wednesday: Enough

Hearing wisdom and knowing wisdom are two different things. The usual human experience is to hear a thing, remark on its  insight, and then shove it away in some dark closet of our minds, where it is forgotten and fruitless.  … Continue reading

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Quotes from the Ground Beneath Us

“Quotations to follow tonight,” I said. I didn’t expect AT&T to have another network outage, though mercifully this one wasn’t as long as the twelve days (you better believe I counted) of February. But enough telecom griping! On to the … Continue reading

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Perspective from Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

I recently finished Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, a slim little volume introducing readers to relativity (special and general), quantum mechanics, particle physics, heat, time, and our place in the universe.   As it’s less than a hundred pages I don’t … Continue reading

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Buddhist cyberpunk?

“As a child I’d believed there was an essential person, a sort of core personality around which the surface factors could evolve and change without damaging the integrity of who you were. Later, I started to see that this was … Continue reading

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The measure of a man

I am presently reading Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton, and in it he quotes a bit from Michel de Montaigne which is worth sharing. “A man have have a great suite of attendants, a beautiful palace, great influence and a … Continue reading

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And now, the News (2)

Back when I read Alain de Botton’s The News: A  User’s Manual, I shared an excerpt from it.  While poking through my draft posts I found another quotation I’d jotted down that remains worth sharing. Herein lies a central paradox … Continue reading

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Quotes from "Brave New World Revisited"

These are selected quotations from  Brave New World Revisited. “In the course of evolution nature has gone to endless trouble to see that every individual is unlike every other individual. […] Physically and mentally, each one of us is unique. … Continue reading

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Freedom, Culture, and the Modern Negation of Both

From Anthony Esolen’s “Culture? What Culture”, a speech I heard on Youtube and began to transcribe until I did a google search and realized he’s already posted the full text of it.  The speech is rather long and begins by … Continue reading

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Spock Thoughts | Desiderata

Although I do not consume The News — that is, the constantly changing, buzzing noise of whatever it is people are excited about for the present day and a half, soon to be abruptly replaced by something else —  occasionally … Continue reading

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