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Ten Books Bing and Bard Randomly Chose from my TBR

Today’s TTT is “ten books I randomly grabbed from my shelf”, but I wanted to see if the chatGPT version of Bing could choose ten random items from a list, so I gave it my 70+ strong TBR list. Then … Continue reading

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Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Will the Circle Be Unbroken? A Memoir of Learning to Believe You’re Gonna be Ok© 2020 Sean Dietrich261 pages A memoir about a boy growing up in the deep shadow cast by his father’s suicide has no right to be … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tease: The stuff of empire

From Waters of the World, by Sarah Dry, on glaciology, geology metereology, and climatology…so far. Only with the leveraging power of certain technologies was British rule in India even thinkable. Much has been made of the importance of railways, telegraphs, … Continue reading

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The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi

© 2005, 2019 General Press Publishers183 pages The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi is a book better judged by its cover than its title, for the title makes it sound like a collection of jokes and sage observations from a … Continue reading

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Top Ten + Teaser Tuesday

Today’s Tuesday teases come from three different books: one, a collection of extended quotations from Mohandas Gandhi; a book on the study of ice, air, and oceans; and a history of D-Day from a German historian. A man who aspires … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Pythons and elephants and humans oh my

From the very interesting and often amusing Pests: How Humans Create Animal Villains. When one finally does catch a python, there’s the issue of killing it. “They also have this weird ability to regrow their organs,” Hart explains. You can’t … Continue reading

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Tuesday tease: habits

Plus, Kindle books I forgot I owned. I have struggled with hard habits in my life. I have found these hard habits are only broken by harder habits. Nature abhors a vacuum, meaning I cannot just quit doing something in … Continue reading

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A Christmas Tease

It is Tuesday, isn’t it? Christmas and the holidays have me in a temporal mist. Teasing from Wendell Berry’s The World Ending Fire again, because I haven’t been reading anything else. (Definitely in siesta mode!) As a people, we have … Continue reading

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Teasin’ with W.B. again

The old bucket has hung there through many autumns, and the leaves have fallen around it and some have fallen into it. Rain and snow have fallen into it, and the fallen leaves have held the moisture and so have … Continue reading

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Teasday Tuesing with W.B.

This morning’s tease comes from a Wendell Berry anthology, The World-Ending Fire. The idea was that when faced with abundance one should consume abundantly – an idea that has survived to become the basis of our present economy. It is … Continue reading

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