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America Walks into a Bar

America Walks into a Bar: A Spirited History of Taverns and Saloons, Speakeasies and Grog Shops© 2014 Christine Sismondo336 pages Welcome, friend. Pull up a stool.    You’ve come in at the tail end of a story, but it’s one … Continue reading

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The Hacking of the American Mind

The Hacking of the American Mind: The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of Our Bodies and Brains © 2017 Robert Lustig352 pages Robert Lustig is an endocrinologist who gained public recognition when he delivered a lecture entitled “Sugar: the Bitter … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of Groceries

The Secret Life of Groceries: The Dark Miracle of the American Supermarket © 2020 Benjamin Lorr336 pages The Secret Life of Groceries opens at a fish counter and invites the reader to consider how much labor, creativity, money, pain, and … Continue reading

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For all the Tea in China

For all the Tea in China: How England Stole the World’s Favorite Drink and Made History© 2010 Sarah Rose272 pages A love of tea is one of the great English stereotypes, at least in the United States, so I thought … Continue reading

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Whole Earth Disicpline

Whole Earth Disicpline: An Ecopragmatist Approach © 2010 Stewart Brand344 pages Sustainability is context, not a gadget or a single technology. From Stewart Brand, a lifelong environmentalist and creator-editor of the Whole Earth Catalog, comes this fascinating argument that the … Continue reading

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The Best Cook in the World

The Best Cook in the World: Tales from my Momma’s Table © 2018 Rick Bragg 512 pages “Good stuff always has a story,” she said.  One of my New Years resolutions is to cook more, and that has unexpectedly introduced … Continue reading

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Year of No Sugar

Year of No Sugar pub. 2014 Eve O. Schaub 320 pages Eva Schaub’s life was changed at a birthday party for children, when a conversation with a fellow mom  made her aware of something called “corn syrup”,  Being the curious … Continue reading

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Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America© 2017 Michel Ruhlman324 pages Let’s go shopping! There’s a few errands to take care of first — an homage to dad, a quick review of the history of grocery stores — … Continue reading

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Killer Blondes and Killer Wheat

A few weeks ago I read Dashiell Hammett’s The Thin Man, a murder-mystery from the same Pinkerton agent turned author who produced The Maltese Falcon.   I was sold by the opening line: I was leaning against the bar in a … Continue reading

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