6 Responses to On death, food, and state capitals

  1. Oh, I thought The Death of Ivan Ilyich was wonderful in that Tolstoy is so adept at delving into the human condition and emotions. Here’s my review, if you’re interested: https://classicalcarousel.com/the-death-of-ivan-ilyich-by-leo-tolstoy/

    You’re choosing some curious subjects for reading given what you’re dealing with but I admire your pragmatism and attitude.

    The knowledge that 1/4 of Americans buy their food at Walmart makes me sad. I just placed my last order at the farm where I buy all my produce from June to October and then I’ll try to support smaller local grocery stores in the other months, trying to purchase produce that’s as fresh as possible. I just cannot imagine shopping at a big box store.

    You’re reading is so varied and interesting. I’ve been enjoying reading your reviews!

    • Thanks for sharing your Ilych review! Will read now.

      Last year I read hurricane books while we were under the scope of two Atlantic systems. Facing threats in the face makes me feel better about them in a strange way.

      I’m one of those Americans, I hate to say…there’s a Walmart three miles from where I live, and the alternative is a Winn Dixie that’s on the other side of town. Not only are its prices higher, but I have to wait in a line any time I go in. We used to have a downtown grocery store, the Washington Street Market, that I’d go into periodically. It had that distinctive “old grocery store” smell. Unfortunately, the proprietor died and his kids weren’t interested in keeping the place running..

      Thank you for the comment! Variety is the norm here. 😀

  2. mudpuddle says:

    i haven’t read Ilyich, only one of many i need to get to… i guess i eschew serious books: i just noticed that about myself… we have access to Safeway and Fred Myers grocery stores and they have some organic produce which we buy, but the food situation in general in this country is more or less abominable, with loads of chemicals in everything and large corps taking over most of the production… i recall reading an account by a Spanish seaman who walked from Florida to Mexico in the 16th C.: pretty incredible; the Indians stole most of his clothes…

    • I always enjoy your comments, Mudpuddle. I’m laughing now at your last account.

      I think the U.S. is atrocious at providing healthy food. I remember I was once in Reno and I couldn’t find one healthy thing to eat (and that’s only a slight exaggeration!) Although Bellingham, which is across the boarder from me, is a wonderful little U.S. town complete with a number of organic places to shop. I miss it. Canada is atrocious for not supporting their farmers and relying too much on food trucked (and flown) in but in B.C. everywhere we have places that cater to healthy eating. I travelled through B.C. into Alberta this year and you could find places that had vegan and vegetarian options everywhere. Imagine that!

  3. Death of Ivan Ilych was the first story by TolstoyI ever read and I became a fan for life. He’s one of my favorite authors ever.

    Sick of hullabaloo about food. Eat perfectly and guess what happens one day no matter what? So I’ll skip that one. Of course that may be my fat girl talking.

    Absolutely must read the Five Capitals of Alabama, because that Deep South state will always hold a special place in my heart.

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