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Stories, southern and otherwise

Rick Bragg is one of those authors I gave a shot simply because people around me wouldn’t shut up about him. It’s easy to understand why, after only a page or two;  he has a gift for storytelling, one he … Continue reading

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Southern stories: quotations from My Southern Journey

“My people tell their stories of vast red fields and bitter turnip greens and harsh white whiskey like they are rocking in some invisible chair, smooth and easy even in the terrible parts because the past has already done its … Continue reading

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Tis’ Tuesday, Tis’ Teasing Time

“I guess the best way to tell the story of how I glued myself to the wall of my house, of how such a thing could even happen, is to tell it chronologically. Otherwise, I might appear stupid. But if … Continue reading

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A southern trilogy: Rick Bragg’s folks

All Over but the Shoutin’ is perhaps Rick Bragg’s most well-known work, beginning a trilogy that, in its focus on one family in the early and mid-20th century,   takes readers into the generally ignored territory of the poor white working class of the South.   … Continue reading

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Quotes from Rick Bragg’s family trilogy

ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTIN’   “I know how silly and paranoid that sounds, especially coming from a man who gets a perverse thrill from taking chances. But it is a common condition of being poor white trash: you are always … Continue reading

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The Speckled Beauty

The Speckled Beauty: A Dog and his People© 2021 Rick Bragg256 pages There’s no bond like that between a boy and his dog – except, maybe, that of an old man and his dog.   Rick Bragg never meant to adopt “Speck”, the mangy and … Continue reading

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Where I Come From

Where I Come From: Stories from the Deep South© 2020 Rick Bragg256 pages What a joy Rick Bragg is to read! A native son of Alabama, Rick Bragg is a journalist-turned-folklorist in the tradition of Kathryn Tucker Windham, who here … Continue reading

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Why Rick Bragg Writes

Quoted from Where I Come From, by Rick Bragg: “I write about home so I can be certain someone will. It is not much more complicated than that.”  “Home is not a thing of position, or standing. My home is … Continue reading

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Brains, cotton mills, and vanilla legal thrills

January is off to a solid reading start, largely because I’ve developed some ankle woes and my gym/hiking/cycling time has become extra reading time for three weeks running. I’m about to see an orthopedic specialist, though, so here’s hoping I … Continue reading

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Appetizers from “The Best Cook in the World”

The following are quotations from The Best Cook in the World, which drew me in immediately with its humor and evocations of family dinners year past.  The book is a tribute to the author’s  mother,  consisting of some of her … Continue reading

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