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ST Section 31: Control © 2017 David Mack 304 pages “…if I’m correct, going to war with Section Thirty-one can only end badly for you. Either you will lose, and you and all your friends will suffer gruesome fates I’d … Continue reading

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ST Section 31: Disavowed© 2014 David Mack304 pages “Murder is murder, regardless of whether it is committed by an individual, a group of persons, or the state.” – Disavowed, David Mack Disavowed is the brilliant result of multiple spy plots intersecting … Continue reading

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Rise Like Lions

Star Trek Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions© 2011 David Mack352 pages “That’s what passes for good news, now? We have a good chance of not dying if we crawl into a hole and keep our heads down? I’d hoped we’d … Continue reading

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Shards and Shadows

Star Trek Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows448 pages© 2009 various authors, ed. Margaret Clark and Marco Palmieri The mirror universe of Trek is chiefly known for its inhabitants’ general awfulness and triumphant moral chaos. In The Sorrows of Empire, however, … Continue reading

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Obsidian Alliances

Star Trek Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances© 2007 Keith DeCandido, Peter David, and “Sarah Shaw”448 pages Noticeably absent from Glass Empires were any characters or stories from Deep Space Nine,  the series which revived and expanded the premise of the Mirror … Continue reading

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Glass Empires

Star Trek Mirror Universe:  Glass Empires© 2007 Greg Cox, Kevin Dilmore, David Mack, Dayton Ward, and Mike Sussman458 pages The original series episode “Mirror, Mirror” visited an alternate universe where familiar characters and institutions existed, but as vulgar perversions of … Continue reading

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The Sorrows of Empire

The Sorrows of Empire© 2009 David Mack464 pages In the original series episode “Mirror, Mirror”,  Star Trek heroes Kirk,McCoy Uhura, and Scotty inadvertently changed places with their counterparts in a mirror universe, alter egos who were agents of a galactic … Continue reading

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