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Books books books

Between the nonfunctional hospital wifi and the only decent television programs being overtaken by baseball, most of my entertainment last week was good ol’ fashioned books. Midnight at Chernobyl popped onto my radar after I watched the excellent HBO series … Continue reading

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The Eagle’s Claw

© 2021 Jeff Shaara352 pages Lastly, The Eagle’s Claw, a novel of historical fiction about the Battle of Midway.   Midway was one of the battles of WW2, the turning point of the Pacific War that, six months following Pearl Harbor, announced to Dai … Continue reading

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Code Girls

Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Codebreakers of World War 2 © 2017 Liza Mundy 640 pages At the outset of World War 2, the United States’ military intelligence apparatus, much like its military, was minimal.  Following … Continue reading

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ST Section 31: Disavowed© 2014 David Mack304 pages “Murder is murder, regardless of whether it is committed by an individual, a group of persons, or the state.” – Disavowed, David Mack Disavowed is the brilliant result of multiple spy plots intersecting … Continue reading

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Church of Spies

Church of Spies: The Vatican’s Secret War Against Hitler© 2015 Mark Riebling384 pages The Catholic Church was one of Hitler’s earliest enemies, barring its members from participating in the Nazi party and publicly condemning Hitler’s early actions once he had … Continue reading

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From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love© 1957 Ian Fleming253 pages I’ve tried three times to read any of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels, because he was an actual intelligence officer writing spy novels. Bond in the abstract is an interesting character, a posh … Continue reading

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Rifleman Dodd and The Gun

The Gun, and Rifleman Dodd© 1933 C.S. Forester311 pages “There was sorrow in Dodd’s heart as he looked down on the pitiful scene, but it did not prevent him from turning away and setting himself to survey the next adventurous … Continue reading

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Confront and Conceal

Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of Power496 pages© 2012 David E. Sanger Barack Obama may have been the only Nobel Peace Prize winner in history to order lethal force used on a regular basis, but things … Continue reading

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Los Alamos

Los Alamos© 1997 Joseph Kanon416 pages A man lies dead in Santa Fe, but the answer to ‘whodunit’ lies in the hills above the city — or on The Hill, the site of the Los Alamos Laboratory, where something very … Continue reading

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Playing to the Edge

Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror© Michael Hayden 2016464 pages As someone who became a civil libertarian in response to the increasingly sweeping powers of the surveillance state during the Bush administration, I began reading … Continue reading

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