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Wisdom Wednesday: Enough

Hearing wisdom and knowing wisdom are two different things. The usual human experience is to hear a thing, remark on its  insight, and then shove it away in some dark closet of our minds, where it is forgotten and fruitless.  … Continue reading

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American Infidel

American Infidel: Robert G. Ingersoll© Orvin Larson 1962 / republished 1993 by FFRF Inc316 pages Robert Green Ingersoll has long been a personal hero of mine, so when during the course of a class on the Gilded Age I was … Continue reading

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The Best of Robert Ingersoll

The Best of Robert Ingersoll© 1993 Roger Greely175 pages This week, I was able to read through a collection of quotations by Robert G. Ingersoll under the title of “best of”. The quotations are introduced by a biographical essay of … Continue reading

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Robert Ingersoll

Robert Ingersoll© 1972 David Anderson141 pages You may have never heard of Robert Ingersoll before, but you’ve probably seen him: I use a portrait of him as my “user picture” here on blogger. As you may be able to guess, … Continue reading

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