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It’s not so lonely out in space: three to celebrate Apollo 11

Fifty-two years ago, men from Earth touched down on the moon and inaugurated a new era in human exploration. I usually re-watch From the Earth to the Moon (a Tom Hanks docu-drama that is in my “Everything is burning but … Continue reading

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The Wheels of Chance

The Wheels of Chance: A Bicycling Idyll© 1896 H.G. Wells193 pages What an odd little story! Begin with one J. Hoopdriver, a draper’s assistant who lives for nothing but spare opportunities to ride his bicycle — or rather, to crash … Continue reading

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In the Days of the Comet

In the Days of the Comet© 1906 H.G. Wells276 pages Have you been cyanogened yet?  Carl Sagan delivered that preposterous line in the original Cosmos, reading the newspaper headlines of a century past. Then, as Halley’s Comet approached the Earth, … Continue reading

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Reads to …er, Reels: War of the Worlds

“…coming this way, about twenty yards from my ri—” Tonight I turned off the lights and put on a recording of Orson Welles’ 1938 radio dramatization of H.G. Wells’ (confusing, that) The War of the Worlds.  According to a popular … Continue reading

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The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man© 1897 H,G, Wells149 pages The Invisible Man opens with the arrival of a Mysterious Stranger to a country inn. He is covered from head to toe, and remains so even after he takes a room. The townsfolk don’t … Continue reading

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The Outline of History

The Outline of History, Being a Plain History of Life and Mankind (Volume I)© 1920 H.G. Wells, revised edition by G.P. Wells and Raymond Postgate © 1970550 pages At the close of the Great War, people wondered how such a … Continue reading

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The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds© 1898 H.G. Wellsfrom The War of the Worlds with The Time Machine and Selected Short Stories, collected 1963.303 pages “Don’t run! We are your friends!“ No one would have believed in the last years of … Continue reading

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The Time Machine

The Time Machine © 1895 H.G. Wells 108 pages <img src="http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j47/innocentbrownbag/timemachine.jpg&quot; border="0" alt=" I was not expecting The Time Machine to be such a short read. The Great Illustrated Classics treatment of it was the first bit of science fiction … Continue reading

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