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The Sky’s the Limit

Star Trek TNG:  The Sky’s the Limit © 2007 various 400 pages The original Star Trek struggled in ratings, especially after being shifted to a late-evening slot of doom in its third season, and was canceled prematurely in 1969.    It … Continue reading

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The Arabian Nights

Tales from the Arabian Nights “If you are not sleepy, tell us one of your lovely, little tales to while away the night.” Shahrazad replied, “With the greatest pleasure”:Tales from The Arabian Nights proved an interesting challenge, because most collections … Continue reading

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Very Good, Jeeves

Very Good, Jeeves© 1930 P.G. Wodehouse304 pages This past Saturday I had a very happy surprise. Taking a break from a day of  sacking my closet, wardrobe, and bookcases to donate to charity and get me closer to my simple-living … Continue reading

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The Return of Horatio Hornblower

Hornblower AddendumCollected 2011 eNet press79 pages Has it been eight years since I last sailed with Horatio Hornblower?  The naval adventure series by C.S. Forester, and the A&E movie series based on it were one of the highlights of 2010, … Continue reading

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Star Trek Vanguard: Declassified© 2011 Kevin Dilmore, David Mack,  Marco Palmieri, and Dayton Ward404 pages At the edge of Federation space, at its shared border with the Klingons and the Tholian Assembly, lies trouble.  The area known as the Taurus … Continue reading

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Overclocked: More Stories of the Future Present© 2016 Cory Doctorow388 pages I’d never heard of Cory Doctorow before  this week, but I encountered his name on a list of promising SF authors and looked him up. Amazon obliged my curiosity … Continue reading

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The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: Eleven Campus Stories© 1951 Max Shulman223 pages Imagine if PG Wodehouse wrote stories about a girl-crazy freshman at the University of Minnesota, circa late 1940s. That’s kind of what reader will find in The … Continue reading

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Ancestral Shadows

Ancestral Shadows: An Anthology of Ghostly Tales© 2004 ISI Distributed TitlesStories written by Russell Kirk 1950s and produced first in various magazines410 pages “Ghost stories” invariably makes me think of legends and folklore,  but Ancestral Shadows is an altogether different … Continue reading

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A Place in Time

A Place in Time© 2013 Wendell Berry256 pages Come again to Port William (and vicinity), a community — a membership — on the banks of the river.  A Place in Time collects twenty stories of the community, all  of varying lengths, … Continue reading

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The Canterbury Tales

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *ahem* If you’ve ever glanced at my Classics Club list, you’ll see Canterbury Tales sitting there, and I’ve regarded it as one of the tougher ones on my list — in the same tier as the Russians,  April is the … Continue reading

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