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Selections from Rothbard’s “Betrayal of the American Right”

The history of America as a country is quite different from that of America as a State. In one case it is the drama of the pioneering conquest of the land, of the growth of wealth and the ways in … Continue reading

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The Betrayal of the American Right

The Betrayal of the American Right© 2007 Murry Rothbard231 pages When I began exploring politics and forging my own ideas, I steered leftward out of hatred for the war on terror and Bush’s burgeoning police state. I soon discovered, however, … Continue reading

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Podcast of the Week: Stephen Kinzer discusses TR, Mark Twain, and American Empire

On Tuesday, author Stephen Kinzer appeared on the Tom Woods show to discuss his new book, The True Flag.  This piece takes as its subject the fierce debate on then-nascent American imperialism — genuine debate in that Kinzer begins with … Continue reading

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Reads to Reels: The Time Machine

Showing up late for a dinner is bad enough, but when a man is the host? Still worse, he stumbles in looking like he’s been run down by a carriage, and with a wild tale of having traveled through time … Continue reading

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Ain’t My America

Ain’t My America:  The Long and Noble History of Antiwar Conservatism and Middle Class Antimperialism ©  2008 Bill Kauffman 304 pages “You can have your hometown, or you can have the empire. You can’t have both.” You don’t have to … Continue reading

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We Who Dared Say No to War

We Who Dared Say No to War: American Antiwar Writing from 1812 to Now© 2008 Murray Polner, Tom Woods368 pages The image of anti-war protesters in America is of the left, especially the student left, haranguing the government for overseas … Continue reading

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The Copperhead

The Copperhead© 1893 Harold Frederic108 pages War can destroy a city without the first shell falling on it. Such was nearly the fate of Four Corners, New York, a small farming community in its upper reaches. Far removed from the … Continue reading

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Conscience: Two Pacifists, Two Soldiers, One Family© 2012 Louisa Thomas336 pages How does a pious young Presbyterian minister become a six-time candidate for the Socialist party? Such is the story of Conscience,  the story of Norman Thomas and his younger … Continue reading

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