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Drop Dead Healthy

Drop Dead Healthy: One Man’s Quest for Bodily Perfection © 2016 A.J. Jacobs 416 pages A.J. Jacobs, a writer for Esquire, has previously taken on year-long efforts to improve his mind and his spirit. Now, in Drop Dead Healthy, he … Continue reading

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From Chunk to Hunk

From Chunk to Hunk: Diary of a Fat Man© 2003 Fred Anderson242 pages Fred Anderson had an epiphany while munching on snack cakes and watching TV; as he witnessed the amputation of a diabetic man’s leg, he realized: this is … Continue reading

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Paleofantasy: What Evolution Really Says about Sex, Diet, and How We Live© 2013 Marlene Zuk328 pages Despite its name, Paleofantasy is not a deliberate debunking of arguments for a ‘paleo diet’ and a paleo lifestyle.  Although Zuk does take aim at … Continue reading

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Beginning Runner’s Handbook

The Beginning Runner’s Handbook: The Proven 13-Week Walk-Run Program© 1999 Ian MacNeill168 pages As mentioned prior, I committed myself to an active lifestyle back in late August or early September, and began  a daily habit of exercise, choosing to go … Continue reading

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This Week at the Library (25 October)

Oh, dear, oh dear. The number of books I need to review but haven’t gotten round to doing yet keeps increasing. Reviews outstanding: The Lost Hero, Rick Riordan; At Home in Mitford, Jan Karon; The Beginning Runners’ Handbook by Ian … Continue reading

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Complete Guide to Walking

Walking Magazine’s Complete Guide to Walking for Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness© 2001 Mark Fenton261 pages In late August or early September, I woke up early one morning, donned my wide-brimmed straw hat, and set off for an early-morning walk … Continue reading

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