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Drop Dead Healthy

Drop Dead Healthy: One Man’s Quest for Bodily Perfection © 2016 A.J. Jacobs 416 pages A.J. Jacobs, a writer for Esquire, has previously taken on year-long efforts to improve his mind and his spirit. Now, in Drop Dead Healthy, he … Continue reading

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The Year of Living Biblically

The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible As Literally As Possible© 2007 A.J. Jacobs388 pages Day 111. When I’m jotting down tips on how to land a second wife, it’s clear that the pendulum … Continue reading

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This Week at the Library (21/5)

I have decided to start recording and commenting on the books I read from week to week I enjoy writing, and books are as suitable a subject as any I can think of. If any of my friends and family … Continue reading

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