Corona Diary #5

Library service, corona style!

Sunday, all news of pandemics disappeared as we in Alabama looked to the darkening skies and wondered what Easter night would bring.  It was nine years ago that an April outburst of tornadoes killed over three hundred people, over half of whom were Alabamians,   and like most residents I wondered what tomorrow might bring.  I went to bed fully dressed in case I needed to wake and run (the worst activity was forecast from 11 pm  to 3 am),  with lanterns at the ready.  Today, however, the skies are blue again, and aside from a few fallen trees we in Alabama have escaped the sadder news of our neighbors in Mississippi and Georgia.   When I began surveying the Monday morning news with my coffee,  I was surprised at the amount of corona optimism I saw, too — NYC pondering what circumstances it might reopen, California predicting a peak this week,   doctors talking about that we should do next time instead of talking about what’s left to do now.

Work goes on at the library. We’ve continued to tweak our system;  we’re now using a couple of tables (that shot was from last week) for document/book deposit and pickup,  and demand has proven steady despite the awkwardness.  We’re hoping to start phasing in normalcy in May, but that all depends on what the news brings us in the next two weeks.

Book-wise…I’m plugging away at The Making of the British Army, and am in the midst of the Peninsular War at present.

Here’s hoping we’ll all be out and about sooner rather than later!

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Citizen, librarian, reader with a boundless wonder for the world and a curiosity about all the beings inside it.
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6 Responses to Corona Diary #5

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good News on the tornadoes & indeed some positive news on Covid. I think that (hopefully!) the world has learnt valuable lessons from this Pandemic. Good to see you posting after 6 days too…. starting to wonder!!

    • This history of the British military has proven meatier than I anticipated! Making steady progress, though…if we can just get out of Africa, I think the WW1/WW2 chapters will be far more interesting to me.

      I hope that once we’ve cleared this, we can develop some kind of international framework for coordinated future responses.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think the International Co-operation bit might have to wait until later in 2021…. Say from February….

        Just about to finish my 2nd UK based non-fiction in the last 10 days – although this one you’ve already read. I do have *great* gaps in my knowledge of British history though… [muses] Essentially anything before the Wars of the Roses (except for 1066) is almost a complete blank…

      • I can’t imagine the current resident of the WH taking part in any meaningful international dialogue, that’s true.

        I didn’t realize until reading this book how poor my military history is in general! For instance, lancers weren’t medieval holdovers…they’d actually made a comeback because of infantry dropping its armor.

  2. I can’t believe it has been nine years already since those big storms happened. So much destruction and loss of life. Glad you are safe and sound today!

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