Armistice Day – Never Forget

As well as it is to honor veterans, let us never forget the original meaning of this date, November 11th. 101 years ago the guns fell silent in Europe, and the great horror of the First World War ended. Twenty years later an even more terrible conflict would erupt, despite the earnest hopes of 1918’s mourners that such a war would never be seen again. Let us remember why, and when we wax in hatred toward the “other side”, let the trenches and barren fields rebuke us for our blind arrogance.

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4 Responses to Armistice Day – Never Forget

  1. Marian says:

    What a beautiful song, so sad though. 😦 Little did they realize a whole century of turmoil was about to unfold.

    • It is…I encountered the lyrics in a magazine some years ago and have since made a point to listen to it. The Great War has a unique horror for me I’ve never been able to shake off.

  2. rdavis4653gmailcom says:

    Great posting …. I would note that war has been nearly continuous since WW1 …. somewhere someone has been killing others ….

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