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Star Trek TNG: Reunion© 1991 Michael Jan Friedman343 pagesOn the cover:  Unknown models as Idun Asmund, Picard’s former human-raised-by-Klingons helm officer and Captain Morgen, who looks rather scary.  There’s also a little quirk on the cover: the Stargazer is depicted … Continue reading

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The Buried Age

The Buried Age© 2007 Christopher L. Bennett439 pages Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s life changed when, in approaching an uncharted star system,  an aggressive alien vessel attacked him in mid-warp, crippling his ship, the USS Stargazer, and dooming it after twenty years … Continue reading

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Stargazer: Three

Stargazer: Three© 2003 Michael Jan Friedman247 pages In addition to beginning the TNG relaunch this year, I also intend to pick up on loose threads in Trek literature that I have either left undone or never examined in the first … Continue reading

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