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Commandos, Inklings, and powershell

If you can’t tell, dear readers, I’m in something of a reading funk — nibbling at many books but not immersed in any. Life has gotten busy recently: I’m now officially on a transplant list, a friend was just married, … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Your PC for Dummies

As soon as I opened this package  I knew I’d goofed. “Now Updated to Support Vista!”?    …well, it’s by the same author as the version I thought I was buying, and I do in fact have a Vista machine  which … Continue reading

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Build Your Own PC for Dummies

Build Your Pwn PC For Dummies© 2009 Mark Chambers336 pages Both my increasing interest in learning how to work with computer hardware, and my nephew’s desire to build a gaming computer,  have led to me watching hours of build videos … Continue reading

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Digital Filmmaking for Kids

Digital Filmmaking for Kids© 2015 Nick Willoughby304 pages I am not, readers may spot, a kid.  However, when I WAS a kid, I was one given to wandering around the woods with a massive camcorder in my shoulders, attempting to … Continue reading

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This Week at the Library (19 June)

In addition to the reviews posted this weekend, I also finished Biology Made Simple — which proved to be too simple for my needs. Although the book improved vastly as the author covered the bodily systems, the opening chapters on … Continue reading

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Earth Science Made Simple

Earth Science Made Simple© 2004 Edward F. Albin224 pages Earth science! Fun!  I enjoy reading these little guides as introductions to a subject or refreshers on it, and Earth Science Made Simple fits the bill.  Four separate sections cover Geology, Oceanography, Meteorology, and Planetary … Continue reading

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Anthropology for Dummies

Anthropology for Dummies: From Archaeology to Linguistics — Your Plain-English Guide to the Study of Humankind © 2008 Cameron Smith with Evan T. Davies 360 pages “The human species has found many ways to be human.” – p. 259 I … Continue reading

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