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The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi

© 2005, 2019 General Press Publishers183 pages The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi is a book better judged by its cover than its title, for the title makes it sound like a collection of jokes and sage observations from a … Continue reading

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Anti-Politics: A Collection of Agorist Essays© 2021 ed. Sal Mayweather165 pages If you’re still waiting for your masters for permission to live after nearly two years of “two weeks to flatten the curve”, don’t bother reading further. This isn’t your … Continue reading

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Letter from the Birmingham Jail

Letter from the Birmingham Jail © 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. 35 pages Don’t say it can’t be done: The battle’s just begun Take it from Doctor King, You too can learn to sing, So — drop the gun! (Pete … Continue reading

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A Power Governments Cannot Suppress

A Power Governments Cannot Suppress © 2007 Howard Zinn 293 pages This year I have become convincted that democracy is not something that happens at the ballot-box but on the streets. It consists in mass movements forcing the institutions that … Continue reading

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