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Death and madness in China

The Cultural Revolution: A People’s History© 2016 Frank Dikotter433 pages In twenty-five years of reading history, I know of no man who has instigated more human suffering and death at a broader scale than Mao Tse-tung, the rebel turned architect … Continue reading

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Go Ask Alice

© 1971 Beatrice Sparks271 pages Go ask Alice / I think she’ll know / When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead… Recently, while doing some cleaning to the sounds of the Vietnam War, I heard a song urging me … Continue reading

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The Twilight of the Presidency

The Twlight of the Presidency: An Examination of Power and Isolation in the White House© 1970, 1987200 pages In Twilight of the Presidency, George Reedy uses his personal experience as a Johnson aide, along with the study of other administrations … Continue reading

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Men from Earth

Men from Earth© 1989 Buzz Aldrin and Malcom McConnell314 pages Forty-seven years ago, men from Earth first stepped foot on the moon. There, they left medals commemorating the men of Apollo and Soyuz who perished in this quest for fire … Continue reading

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The Promise

The Promise © 1969 Chaim Potok 336 pages Growing up is never easy, but for Orthodox boys in the mid-20th century, it’s especially hard. The Jewish people are in turmoil after the horrors of the Holocaust, some pinning their hopes … Continue reading

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We Could Not Fail

We Could Not Fail: The First African-Americans in the Space Program© 2015 Richard Paul, Steven Moss312 pages Between the murder of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, and both political and racial riots throughout the United States, 1968 was a … Continue reading

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The Burden of Southern History

The Burden of Southern History © 1960, 1968, 1970 C. Vann Wordward 250 pages Louisiana State University Press The publication of these essays on southern character and its tragic history, from Civil War to the abandoned civil rights efforts of … Continue reading

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Getting it Right

Getting it Right © 2006 William F. Buckley Jr 2003         Getting it Right is a political history disguised as a love story,  both tales told amid the radically shifting political climate of America’s 1960s, as Americans … Continue reading

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