Tranquility Base here….the Eagle has landed.


Prometheus, they say,  brought God’s fire down to man
And we’ve caught it, tamed it, trained it, since our history began
Now we’re going back to heaven, just to look Him in the eye
There’s a thunder across the land, and a fire in the sky

Gagarin was the first, back in 1961,
When like Icarus undaunted
He climbed to reach the sun
And he knew he might not make it,
For it’s never hard to die —
But he lifted off the pad, and rode a fire in the sky

Yet a higher call was calling, and we vowed we’d reach it soon
So we gave ourselves a decade to put fire on the moon
And Apollo told the world, we can  do it if we try —
There was One Small Step, and a fire in the sky!

I dreamed last night
Of a little boy’s first space flight
it turned into me watching a black and white TV
There was a fire in the sky
I”ll remember until I die
A fire in the sky
A fire in the sky!

Then two decades from Gagarin, twenty years to the day
Came a shuttle named Columbia to open up the way
They say she’s just a truck, but she’s truck that’s aimin’ high
See her big jets burnin’ ,  see her fire in the sky!

Yet the gods do not give lightly of the powers they have made
And with Challenger and seven, once again the price is paid
Though a nation watched her falling
Yet a world could only cry
As they passed from us to glory, riding fire in the sky

Now the rest is up to us,
And there’s a future to be won
We must turn our faces outward
We will do what must be done
For no cradle lasts forever,
Every bird must learn to flry
And we’re goin’ to the stars —
See our fire in the sky

Yes, we’re goin’ to the stars
See our fire in the sky

About smellincoffee

Citizen, librarian, reader with a boundless wonder for the world and a curiosity about all the beings inside it.
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4 Responses to Tranquility Base here….the Eagle has landed.

  1. Mudpuddle says:

    walter cronkite was sure excited! who wrote the poem?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shame we stopped when we did. Imagine just were we’d be now… Mars? The Outer Planets? Another star??

    • I fully expect to see at least a landing on Mars in my lifetime, and perhaps the innovations produced by an Ares program will allow for additional exploration of Jupiter or Saturn’s moons. I think we’ll still be dreaming of FTL a century or so from now. Unless the Vulcans visit us in 2053 or whenever First Contact is set.. :-p

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