Magnificent Nine

Firefly: The Magnificent Nine
pub. 2019 James Lovegrove
384 pages

Jayne Cobb is not the most conventionally faithful man aboard the good ship Serenity; he did, after all, enter Mal’s service for purely mercenary ends.  But there’s more to him than a surly hired gun; he is, as the show indicated, a man who works to support an ailing mother and brother. He has loyalties, and when he receives a wave from an old friend whose planet is being taken over by a criminal gang who ape Reavers,, that troth-keeping Jayne emerges.    Though Serenity is, as usual, flying on a wing and a prayer, with little reserves in food, money, or ammunition,   Mal is too good a man to pass up a hopeless cause involving fighting cretinous bullies.   When the old flame reveals she has a daughter….named Jane….things get complicated.

Magnificeent NIne is a straightforward action tale, though replete with the fun banter one expects from the Firefly crew, and  a couple of ridiculous situations. Lovegrove again displays a good grasp on the characters’ voices and the interplay of their personalities;  Zoe and Wash are especially fun, but of increasing interest in this book is that between Jayne and River.  As with Lovegrove’s previous novel, every member of Serenity has a role to play.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story, as well as the deepening of Jayne Cobb.

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4 Responses to Magnificent Nine

  1. mudpuddle says:

    didn't know these were in book form… i'l look for it/them… tx….

  2. Stephen says:

    It's a new thing — the first novel, Big Damn Hero, was released in October, and this one just hit shelves yesterday. I had it on preorder.

  3. R. T. says:

    I guess I'm out of the loop. Ain't that the truth. This series is all new to me. I guess I should begin with BDH. Thanks …

  4. Stephen says:

    If you like westerns at all, Firefly may be an interesting spin.

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