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Life, Death, and Growing Up on the Western Front

Life, Death, and Growing up on the Western Front© 2013 Anthony Fletcher352 pages In 1914 Britons marched to war, and with them they took their hearts. Life, Death, and Growing Up on the Western Front takes in the experience of … Continue reading

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The Red Baron

The Red BaronManfred von Richthofen© 1969 ed. Stanley Ulanoff240 pages The average man on the street may not know the first thing about the Great War, but he’ll have heard of the Red Baron. Attribute that to a silly song, … Continue reading

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The American Tory

The American Tory© 1972 ed. Morten Borden, Penn Borden 141 pages American colonists yearning for independence from Britain called themselves Patriots, not in opposition against the not-yet-arrived royal army, but to set their cause against that of the Loyalists. Not … Continue reading

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