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How To Watch TV News

How to Watch TV New© 1992 Neil Postman, Steve Powers192 pages (2008 edition) Don’t. Well, that was easy.  From television insider Steve Powers and technological critic Neil Postman comes this slim book, How To Watch Television News, which explains how … Continue reading

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The Disappearance of Childhood

The Disappearance of Childhood©1982 Neil Postman177 pages Television is killing your children — conceptually. In 1985, Neil Postman penned Amusing Ourselves to Death, in which he, building off of the lesson in Technopoly that technology changes our culture without our knowledge, … Continue reading

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Amusing Ourselves to Death

Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Television© 1985 Neil Postman176 pages, plus index, bibliography, and notes. I read a couple of books by Postman during the summer, and both were mind-broadening. Postman is particularly concerned about … Continue reading

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This Week at the Library (15/8)

Books this Update: Firestarter, Stephen King Hard Call, John McCain Second Foundation, Isaac Asimov Technopoly: the Surrender of Culture to Technology, Neil Postman The Ascent of Science, Brian L. Silver I began this week with Stephen King’s Firestarter, which was … Continue reading

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This Week at the Library (31/7)

Books this Update: The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx Nine Tales from Tomorrow, Isaac Asimov Building a Bridge to the Eighteenth Century, Neil Postman Books that Changed the World, Robert B. Downs The Elegant Universe, Brian Greene I mentioned a few … Continue reading

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