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Top Ten Reasons to Destroy Mount Doom

I’m currently under a book-buying interdict until such time as the mountain of unread books in my bedroom no longer attracts selfie-taking tourists wearing North Face jackets.   As incentive to hastening my conquest of said mountain, though, I’m using … Continue reading

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Unread Shelf Assignment #3: TBR Priorities

The first Unread shelf assignment for this year was to list all unread titles and move them into one location; the second was to purge The Unwanted. I did the first but a sudden outbreak of tornadoes in my area … Continue reading

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An Incomplete Census of the Residents of Mount Doom

In the hopes of vanquishing Mount Doom before its height brings it down upon my head and vanquishes me, I’ve  signed up at The Unread Shelf this year. Our first ‘assignment’ is to list all of the books in our … Continue reading

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