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Short rounds: of southern accents and cancerous snapping turtles

I’ve a free moment between family gatherings and outings, so here’s a short rounds post on Talk Southern to Me, as well as David Sedaris’ new book Calypso. First up, Talk Southern To Me.   As mentioned a few days ago,  … Continue reading

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This week at the library: airborne hell, David Sedaris, and coffee with evil

Last week I broke off from The City in History to do some light reading, beginning with Phillip Kerr’s Hitler’s Peace, a bit of speculative historical fiction which will be getting full comments tonight. The novel features an Office of … Continue reading

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Barrel Fever

Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays© 1995 David Sedaris208 pages Three years ago I heard David Sedaris talk about his experience living in Paris and was immediately taken by his style of humor. I don’t know how to articulate the Sedaris … Continue reading

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This Week at the Library (24/9)

Books this Update: Rules of Civility, George Washington Foundation’s Edge, Isaac Asimov Holidays on Ice, David Sedaris The Leopard, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations, Al Franken I began this week with … Continue reading

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This Week at the Library (10/9)

Books this Update: Me of Little Faith, Lewis Black When You Are Engulfed in Flames, David Sedaris Surviving Auschwitz, Primo Levi Carl Sagan: A Life, Keay Davidson I began this week with Me of Little Faith, which is a book … Continue reading

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