Teaser Tuesday: Pythons and elephants and humans oh my

From the very interesting and often amusing Pests: How Humans Create Animal Villains.

When one finally does catch a python, there’s the issue of killing it. “They also have this weird ability to regrow their organs,” Hart explains. You can’t design something that will attack the heart or liver. They’ll just grow another. “How can you get around the ability of an animal to regrow organs?” Right now, Kalil and other hunters rely on fully destroying the brain—and sometimes decapitation for good measure. Thus far, pythons are not regrowing heads.

If you see a wild elephant and you’re on foot and undefended? Don’t ever get close enough for a selfie. Run. For those who don’t live with elephants, it’s easy to think that the only human-elephant conflict there could be is the kind that humans perpetrate, the kind that poaches these beautiful creatures for their oversized incisors. But elephants are also living tanks, capable of killing, disemboweling, knocking down houses, and eating a farmer’s entire crop for the season. Human-elephant conflict can go both ways. And in Kenya, India, and other countries, now it’s often humans trying to keep the elephants at bay.

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