The Judge’s List

In 2016, John Grisham introduced readers to the fictional Board of Judicial Conduct, a political organization in Florida providing oversight for Florida’s judges, fining them for showing up to work drunk or talking about current cases at Rotary Club meetings.  The Whistler had an interesting premise, involving a corrupt judge in bed with a criminal organization, skimming money from an Indian casino, and John Grisham apparently liked his main character a lot more than I did, because he wrote a sequel.   An anxious young woman approaches the BJC with the fruits of her own investigation, two decades in the making: one of their sitting judges is a serial killer, and she’s scared that she may become his next target if she goes to the police.  What follows is fairly typical Grisham fare these days, with a tolerable-at-best main character, lots of nondescript dialogue, numerous very convenient plot developments, and an unsatisfying ending  Even the  serial killer was boring, armed as he was with a NCIS-esque Magic Computer that can do anything, and only the bizarre antics of his accuser (who begins mailing him poems, taunting him) which result in her being kidnapped add any drama. The Pelican Brief it ain’t, but if you’re stuck at the doctor’s office or on an airplane, it will keep you from having to watch the TV, so that’s…..something.  

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