Monday musings: games, books, and hikes

Reading has slowed down as of late, between Thanksgiving, weekend hikes, and another round of computer upgrades. I’m now running on a SSD, and was able to resolve a power issue that prevented me from playing PC Building Simulator or Civilization 6. I also have a little drawer in my computer to use to hold flash drives now! In book news, regular reading was paused for some new library acquisitions, and I’m almost done planning my Classics Club Strikes Back bookist; I only need 1 more to complete the set of fifty, and I’m trying to decide between a few contenders. This one is less ambitious but more fun, with a lot of American and Southern lit, and a few SF reads. Next year’s science reading is already planned out, with no shortage of possibilities. Coming up this week: the last of the Saxon Chronicles, possibly something Adventy, and who knows?

Cahaba River Wildlife Refuge. I visited here in May to see the Cahaba lilies bloom; it’s rather different today!
You can see where some of the lilie stands were in this shot. They’ll be back in May…and so will I.
The view from atop a waterfall in Shelby County. Accessible from County Rd 22, but you have to know where you’re going as there’s no official trail here, just a known path through former logging roads and then an unmarked path through the woods.
A machine in the garden kind of image. This was on my first trip to the falls, when I’d found the path to the top but hadn’t found how to get to the bottom yet.

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11 Responses to Monday musings: games, books, and hikes

  1. Cyberkitten says:

    I’m also making ‘plans’ for next year. I’ll see if I can actually *start* any of them this time! [grin] There will definitely be a few you’ll like. My ‘random’ reads will be including sea stories (alternating between sail & steam) for a while now. As to games: Still playing ‘Oxygen Not Included’ but am also playing ’10 Miles To Safety’ in co-op with a friend. It’s a pretty decent zombie survival game. Not sure of its repeat playability though… Oh, and SSD’s rock. I’ve had one for a while now. Even if its only a little one.

    • Definitely interested in any and all navy books! I haven’t heard of those games, oddly enough,. but these days I tend to stick to RDR2, Sims 4, and a little Among Us. I’m still trying to finish the Mafia remake, and now I’m having fun with the Tony Hawk Pro Skater remake, but RDR2 is just so…..good. Comfortable. I love exploring its world and replaying its story.

  2. Marian says:

    I can’t see the photos for some reason, but the SSD upgrade sounds exciting. đŸ˜€ Looking forward to your new CC list and end-of-year pie charts (it feels weird that 2021 is only a month away!).

  3. The photos are beautiful. Even though it is getting colder here (we had a spurt of snow yesterday) I should get out and walk along the lake. Your plans sound ambitious – any I try to make (aside from group/class reads) seem to get derailed, and I haven’t been on a train in years.

  4. Mudpuddle says:

    splendid pictures… lots of pump jacks in that area? oil, i presume…

    • There are several of those in that area, yes. The waterfall is in a wildlife reclamation area, so I assume it was originally used for oil taps, and after they went dry the area went into conservation, something like that. It’s not a marked trail and has its risks..

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