Corona Diary #4

Although we in the United States are still steaming into the darkest part of this tunnel,  I’m bouyed by little flickers of hope abroad.  In Iran, for instance,  over half  of active corona cases are listed as recovered. The same is true in the Italian province of Lombardy,  and in Spain the growth rate of the virus is slowing. In the United States,  we are closer and closer to a uniform stay-at-home order:  to date, 41 of the 50 states have imposed them, Alabama being the latest.  The unfun starts tomorrow at five p.m.

Emergency stay at home stockpile. I think I’m prepared.

The library has continued its curbside service, and by the numbers we’re doing well:  the number of recorded services in the last five days is nearly equal the amount we served in the first ten days!   Of course, that may be change with the stay-at-home order. I don’t think much of our current traffic is discretionary, but  only time will tell.  We’ve implemented more hygienic precautions, restricting the number of librarians who do the curbside deliveries, and wearing masks when we’re outside.    I have a newfound appreciation for surgeons!


Personally, I’ve finished watching the first season of Star Trek Discovery (!), which…well, took me by surprise.  I wasn’t excited to learn about its creation, in part because I view the Abrams movies as little more than Marvel superhero movies with the addition of Trek jokes, colorful uniforms, and space lasers.  They’re not Star Trek in spirit, and I expected STD to be more of the same.   The first two times I started watching STD I gave up a few episodes in.   This time, however….well, I got attached. I was fascinated by Captain Lorca’s dark energy, Commander Burnham’s struggle to reconcile logic and humanity,  the promise of the spore drive, even Commander Suru’s attempts to grow beyond his scared-beast-of-prey genes.  Discovery centers itself on one character far more than the other shows, which were either ensembles (TNG, DS9) or ruled by a power trio (TOS, VOY), but over time I grew to appreciate how much the character in question (Commander Michael Burnham, the woman  in the shot above) had grown. If only they’d stop making me watch those Klingon-things, those offenses to the eyes and ears!      I found much to appreciate in the latter half of the first season, from Rainn Wilson doing a wonderful Harry Mudd to the intriguing Mirror Universe arc.  And now that Captain Pike is entering the scene in season 2, I’m hopeful about its future prospects. I’ve even……. bought a ST-D book.  Sure, it was only $0.99, but considering my salient attachment to the ‘real’ Trek’s extended bookverse, it’s a bit of shocker.    In time I may even stop calling ST-D by that name, and call it ST-DSC instead.  God willing I will not start referring to it as “Disco” the way so many fans do.(You may place your bets as to when I’ll start doing that. It’s…catchy.  Like…disco fever.)    When the first season ended with Burnham giving a tear-jerking speech about Starfleet not compromising on Federal ideals,  I texted a friend: “Now THIS is Trek!”

I will most likely not be watching Star Trek Picard, however.   I would love to just to see Jeri Ryan on screen again  (loved Seven of Nine!), but I prefer my Picard urbane, and from clips I’ve seen the show has as much language as your average hip-hop track.   Picard only swears in French, thank you. I’ll never accept the Abramsverse as a legitimate continuation of the Trek I love, and Picard is rooted in that red matter nonsense. Unfortunately, Pike and company are going on about ‘red clouds’ in season 2, so I fear that  the infection is everywhere.

I’ve a couple of reviews lined up, with another book with a review that needs to be written, so….stay safe and keep reading!



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8 Responses to Corona Diary #4

  1. Marian says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Discovery S1! I’ve heard such mixed reviews about it. As for Picard, can’t say the trailers have inspired any interest on my part… It doesn’t even LOOK like Star Trek.

    • On Picard, no — definitely not. It’s worse if you watch clips.

      When/if I watch season 2, I’ll post something here as well…I’m actually halfway through that Discovery book, which is an earlier one…it’s set during the “Kodos the Executioner” incident that TOS introduced in “The Conscience of the King”.

  2. Mudpuddle says:

    agree re Picard; the mrs. likes it but i don’t. i thought it was just because i’m old so it’s refreshing to see that younger persons feel the same way…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve only seen ST:D in bits on YouTube so I can’t really comment that much. It seems a bit hit & miss to me. Totally hate the new Klingons. The saving grace for me was Captain Pike in Series 2. Now he’s BRILLIANT.

    • I’m loving what I’ve seen of him so far. Pike was also one of the few bright spots in the Abrams movies. (The characterization of Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, and Pike was all so well done…but I hate the whole Nero story.)

      • Anonymous says:

        Saw the first of the new series of movies. ABSOLUTELY hated it with a passion. Haven’t seen any of the others. Never will either. I really don’t think I can think rationally about them for longer than about 10 seconds…. [deep breath….. deep breath…..]

      • The second one has its moments. The third one mostly has a repeat of the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” as Kirk hatches a save-the-day- plan. I have two copies of it (received as Christmas gifts) and have yet to rewatch it. At least it’s not actively destroying the original stores, unlike the sad spectacle that is the new SW trilogy.. :p

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