Top Ten Characters I’d Save the World With

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is….a character freebie. Okay, fine. I’m Nick Fury and I’m building my own team of Avengers.

1. Richard Sharpe, full stop. Maybe add in Harper so he’d have someone to exchange witty banter with.   Role:   extremely improbable shots and general commando aciton.
(Sharpe’s Eagle, Sharpe’s Gold, Sharpe’s  Rifles, Sharpe’s Company, – etc. Bernard Cornwell.)

2. Uhtred of Bebbanburg.    Ferocious in battle, implacably loyal to his friends. Uhtred not only excels in close-quarters combat but would be  the one to rescue another team member even when reason suggested otherwise.

3. Warprince Elfangor. Not only are Andalites absolutely terrifying in battle — even without the ability to morph into pretty much any animal they’ve touched —   but Elfangor would be the wise leader figure.

(Animorphs, K.A. Applegate)

4.  Rachel.    Not for nothing is Rachel’s nickname “Xena, Warrior Princess” — a name given to her by Marco, who finds her battle rage frightening at times, as much as the team needs it.

5. The Daemon,   because  who doesn’t want a distributed  machine intelligence capable of recruiting its own army on their side?

6. T’Ressa Chen, Star Trek: Greater than the Sum.     Chen is my favorite character from the Relaunch books,  the lone survivor of a Borg attack whose sense of humor defies both that tragedy and her partial Vulcan heritage.   I thought her sophomoric at first, but quickly warmed up.   Surprisingly resourceful.

6. Marcus Yallow (Little Brother, Corey Doctor), because everyone needs a hacker.

7.  Katniss Everdeen, who proved valorous both in battle and out.

8. Dr. Ree, from the Star Trek Titan series. He may be an obstetrician, but he’s also a dinosaur.  So….scare factor, and he doubles as a medic.

9.  Max Evans, Roswell High.    The aliens had more general abilities in the books than in the show;  Max would be able to read emotions, change the constitution of things at a molectual level by hand,  heal, and enter people’s dreamstates to probe for information.  And he doesn’t, Michael or Isabel would.

10. Arthur Morgan and Sadie Adler, Red Dead Redemption II.

I don’t care if they’re not literary characters, if I’m making a team they’re going to be on it. Fury’s Prerogative.

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9 Responses to Top Ten Characters I’d Save the World With

  1. Anne Bennett says:

    Great choice on thei freebie week. I am not familiar with all the characters but I trust you that they are all kick-ass. My TTT list

  2. jaybird says:

    This is uhmazing! Never mind I don’ recognize them nor read much fantasy, I love the concept and how it’s well thought out. I also chose non-literary types that I identified with:

  3. Hey if someone’s nickname is Xena, Warrior Princess, you gotta include them right?! Awesome list ❤

  4. Great call on including Max! I loved those books, and the show was not terrible but as usual the books were best.

    • The first season was better than the latter two, but they had their moments. I hate-hate-hate what they did to Alex, and WITH Tess. Come to think of it, I don’t like what they did to Max with Tess, either. But that episode where Michael was a security guard was fun, and Maria’s mom was perfect…and don’t even get me started on how much better the Valentis were from their book originals! 😀

  5. LOL. What a fun take on the topic! I’ve only heard of Katniss, but the rest of them definitely sound like skilled fighters and heroes. Katniss is so tough she’d probably just shove me out of the way and save the world on her own, which I’d be okay with, frankly 🙂

    Happy TTT!


  6. Such a fun idea. Also is it bad that I thought the first pic was Jon Bon Jovi and not Sean Bean, haha

  7. Katniss is awesome. I’m not familiar with the others.

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