Announcing: Peoples of the Americas

In the past few years I’ve explored the Middle East and Asia; for 2018, I am moving closer to home with “Peoples of the Americas”.  With it, I hope to remedy my ignorance of the United States’ southern neighbors (save Mexico and Cuba), as well as learn about a few native  American tribes who are a blank to me…the Chinook being one example.

The plan: open the year by visiting a few  Amerindian tribes in North America, move into a treatment of the Aztec, Maya, and Inca, and then follow up with histories of various nations in the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America. If time permits, we may even visit that most exotic of American nations, Canada.

Although this, along with the Classics Club, will be my focus this year,  I’m just going to fool around in January and ease into the new year with light reading in the form of Star Trek, books on cities, that kind of thing.

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6 Responses to Announcing: Peoples of the Americas

  1. CyberKitten says:

    Looking forward to it. Coincidentally I'll have a review of S. American/Caribbean history coming up soon (2 books away) plus I recently finished the first book in a City triple…..

  2. R.T. says:

    I will follow with considerable interest your Inquiries, Stephen.

  3. Stephen says:

    That is an interesting coincidence. I don't think South America has come up at all for me, besides “The Motorcycle Diaries” years ago. (2007, I think. Wow.)

  4. Stephen says:

    Thank you, Tim! I will look forward to your thoughtful responses.

  5. CyberKitten says:

    South America isn't really on my radar at all. As you know I'm concentrating on British & European history so…… My next foreign 'trips' in literature will be Russia & China. I'm still itching to do something in the Middle East and have already picked up 6, 8 or 10 books on the region. But, as always, so many subjects, so many books & so little time….

  6. Marian H says:

    Oh, great topic! This is also an area I haven't read much about, though from taking a class on Latin American history, I remember there's some fascinating stories in the 19th-20th centuries. Looking forward to your reviews.

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