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Blogging prompt: Sports

Today’s blogging prompt is sports we’ve played and what we thought of them. Although spectator sports is not my bag, and I’ve always been more of a reader than an athlete, I did enjoy playing pick-up games as a kid … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: of natural beauty and human beastliness

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is our favorite self-published books, which is problematic for me given how few I’ve read. Disrupting the Rabblement is a much-mention, since it was the first Kindle title I ever read (using Kindle for PC), and … Continue reading

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WWW: Favorite Nonfiction?

Today’s blogging challenge from Long & Short Reviews is ‘Favorite Nonfiction Book’, which is…er, problematic. I read over a hundred nonfiction books a year, and have done since I started keeping a book log in mid-2007. which means I’ve read … Continue reading

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Wednesday blogging: famous book you’ve not read?

Long and Short Reviews’ blogging challenge this week is ‘A famous book you haven’t read, and why’. Immediately before college and a little during (before assignments took priority), I sought out books that had changed the world for good or … Continue reading

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Top Ten + Teaser Tuesday

Today’s Tuesday teases come from three different books: one, a collection of extended quotations from Mohandas Gandhi; a book on the study of ice, air, and oceans; and a history of D-Day from a German historian. A man who aspires … Continue reading

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Wednesday Blogging Challenge: Favorite historic personage to read about?

….favorite historic personage to read about, eh? That’s a tough one. There are a few people I’ve read several biographies about, including Joan of Arc and John Adams. I’ve found Joan fascinating since watching a CBS drama based on her … Continue reading

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Top Ten Tuesday: Spring Reads

First up, a little Tuesday teasin’, from Sarah Ruden’s Paul Among the People. This interesting little read compares Paul’s understanding of humanity to that of the first-century Roman world. Juvenal displays [women] as cheerfully, irredeemably evil. I am a woman, … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Heroes and villains

Today’s tease comes from The Romance of Religion by Dwight Longenecker. Reviews/comments for it, The Reactionary Mind, and Blood of Honour to come this week.. The truly romantic warrior sees the evil in the world and wants to fight it, … Continue reading

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The Bookworm Tag

Borrowed from Marian, and remixed a little bit with more borrowing from The Edge of the Precipice. If you like the questions, climb aboard and remove/add your own! 1.  If you had to go into the witness protection program, and … Continue reading

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Favorite subjects…

Today’s Wednesday writing prompt from Long and Short Reviews is: what is your favorite subject? I can still remember the first day of fourth grade, walking eagerly to my desk and rummaging through the pile of books there to find … Continue reading

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