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The Lion at Sea

The Lion at Sea © 1977  Max Hennessy/John Harris 368 pages The atmosphere was electric and exultant. They were sailing into history at thirty knots. But what history? Defeat or victory? Kelly McGuire never consciously intended to follow his old … Continue reading

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The Mustering of the Hawks

The Mustering of the Hawks © 1972 John Harris/Max Hennessy 272 pagws “When you consider that practically every aviator in the world’s been mustered together in France in a strip of territory some three hundred miles long by ten miles … Continue reading

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The Bright Blue Sky

© 1983 Max Hennessy 250 pages High above was a layer of stratus, ice-white so that the sky seemed full of light, and Dicken knew against it they were silhouetted perfectly, a wonderful target for the ground gunners. Dicken Quinney … Continue reading

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