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Library Loot Box

One of the libraries that I use for occasional nonfiction reads is going through a massive summer discarding, and – though part of my brain is steadily kicking me – I’ve taken advantage of it to acquire a box…or two…of … Continue reading

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Top Ten Favorite History Reads

My PC was in the shop this past Tuesday (trying to figure out why a new graphics card wasn’t working — turns out the card itself is defective), so I missed the “Books from Your Favorite Genre” list done on … Continue reading

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Ten Biographies of Interest

I was asked to create a bookmark or brochure of biographies to promote that section at the library. I used Goodreads and selected ten books which we have,  adjusting a bit to include more women.  The blurbs borrow slightly from … Continue reading

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Ten Novels Outside the United States

Today the Broke and the Bookish queries their readers: what are your favorite books set outside the United States?   For my list, I am purposely avoiding ‘classics’, and am casting my net wide as as not to simply present … Continue reading

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10 Titles that Win

I remarked recently that How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had it Coming is the best title I’ve encountered in eight years of reading and blogging.   What kind of company does it keep? Drawing from the last five years, … Continue reading

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Science TBR

Every time I write down a list of books to go after, I lose the darn thing, so I’m posting this one! 10% Human: How Your Bodies Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness, Alonna Callen Domesticated: Evolution in a … Continue reading

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