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This week’s prompt from Long and Short Reviews is…..favorite youtube videos. I can’t tell you how many hours of YouTube I’ve watched since 2007. Google probably could, but I think I’d rather not know. I had a painstaking list of ten of my favorite videos since 2007, but 8 of them wouldn’t play embedded, so I’m limiting myself to The Favorite and a bonus. The Favorite is a PSA parody and is…well, adorable.

I just wanted to play. I never thought I’D be ‘It’!

This is the oldest video I’ve known and loved on YT. You may have cooties….and not even know it. Fun fact, all the kids in this video are old enough to drink and probably have six g’s in college loan debt by now.

And a bonus, since one of the other videos actually works embedded:

What do you think? Hehehehehe! Woooo!

One of my favorites — the young Mozart taking a piece by the court musician, Salieri, and improvising with it on the fly. It’s not accurate to the facts, but I love hearing Mozart elaborating on the piece on the fly. Masterful acting. I think I’ve seen other versions of this video, but the core is the same. First watched five or so years ago. If your attention span has been destroyed by the internet, the improv bit begins at the three minute mark.

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5 Responses to Favorite YouTube Videos

  1. Cyberkitten says:

    Oh, I LOVED the movie ‘Amadeus’. Definitely not historically accurate but a lot of FUN. People like Mozart were really the rock stars of their period – and often loved it!

  2. lydiaschoch says:

    Heh, those were great!

  3. This is so fascinating. I read such “battles” between composers in royal palaces and saloons were common, and I also think that Mozart was able to memorize, re-produce and provide variations on a much more complicated piece than this simple minuet šŸ™‚

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